Lifetime Aftercare

Lifetime service for your hearing aids

Just as your eyesight changes with age, so does your hearing. Seeing your hearing aid audiologist or hearing care professional for regular checks is just as important as seeing your optician. This is your chance to discuss how well your hearing aids are working for you and ask us any questions you may have.

Your hearing is in good hands

Once your hearing aids have been fitted, our Audiologists/ Hearing care professionals will arrange your lifetime aftercare program to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your hearing aids. This includes a lifetime of unlimited cleanings, reprogramming, minor repairs, and ongoing advice and care. 

Support you can rely on

Our unrivalled lifetime aftercare program includes a regular assessment and evaluation of your hearing and the health of your ears, expert help and advice, demonstrations of new hearing aid technology, advice on how to take daily care of your hearing aids to maintain their performance and adjustments to your hearing aids to ensure you continue to get the most out of your aids.

Complimentary hearing aid adjustments

Throughout the adoption of your new hearing solution, trust that your Amplifon team is with you every step of the way. They are committed to accompanying you in ongoing fittings and adjustments, to quickly get you back to better hearing.

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Your aftercare appointment

Hearing changes over time so it's important we have the most accurate & updated measurement. This will also inform any adjustments required to ensure you’re getting the most out of your hearing aid.

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Upgrade your hearing aid

The latest hearing aids are a huge step forward from those of the past. It’s important to check regularly with your hearing care professional about the latest developments in the hearing aid industry. The industry is rapidly innovating, and technological advancements are being made to make hearing aids smaller, more discrete, more connected and with better sound quality.

Hearing aid warranty

Peace of mind that comes from a 30-day free trial period . We also offer a 3-year limited* warranty on select models and 2-year limited* warranty on select models. Visit our clinics to learn more about the warranty and coverage offered.

Hearing aid upgrades and adjustments

We encourage our customers to have real expectations and be patient whilst becoming acquainted with this new technology, as your brain will need some time to familiarise itself with speech and surrounding sounds. Some of our hearing aids are self-adjusting, some you will control from the device itself and others you can use your own external advice such as an app from your phone or a remote control. 

The latest hearing aids are a huge step forward from those of the past. It’s important to check regularly with your Audiologist/ Hearing care professional about the latest development in hearing technology, as the advancements continue to make better hearing easier.

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