A Lifetime of Unlimited Adjustments

The Amplifon Care Package covers your adjustments

Hearing aids can be adjusted and personalised to meet your hearing requirements and preferences. At our hearing aid centres our Audiologists/ Hearing care professionals will support you to get the most out of your hearing aid settings.

Our support doesn't stop when you make your hearing aids purchase. We are committed to providing you with complete support throughout the life of your hearing aids, to ensure you continue to get the best outcomes from our products. 

In addition to performing the maintenance and cleaning of your hearing aids, regular follow-up appointments at your local hearing aids centre allow our Amplifon Audiologists/ Hearing care professionals to monitor the progress of your hearing and adjust the settings of your hearing aids so that they always respond to your needs.

A gradual adjustement

With your new hearing aids you may hear sounds that you have not heard in a long time, and your brain may need time to get used to the new noises and auditory stimulation. It is normal to have a period of adaptation where progressive adjustments are made to your hearing aids.

Over the first 30 days your Amplifon Audiologists/ Hearing care professionals will meet with you regularly to refine your hearing aid settings. Over this time adjustments will be made, to the point where your hearing aids are set at the right levels for you.

As your hearing evolves over the following months, regular follow-up appointments will be set so that your Audiologist/ Hearing care professional can check that you are getting the most out of your hearing aids, and can make any further adjustments that you may require. 

Personalization of your hearing aids

Your Amplifon Audiologist/ Hearing care professional can customise your hearing aids to best match your lifestyle and preferences. For example, you may require different settings when you are attending a conference or participating in a meeting. Programs can be set for particular activities which you can activate when required, and the adjustments will be made to optimise the hearing aid for your comfort. 

The options for personalisation vary for each hearing aid, so speak to your Amplifon Audiologist/ Hearing care professional about your requirements and they will be able to make recommendations to fit your lifestyle.

Use of mobile applications

Using the latest technology, hearing aids can be controlled and set using an application on your smartphone. Through the app you will have access to make adjustments to your hearing aid settings, which are transmitted to your hearing aid using Bluetooth. Changes you can make include increasing or decreasing the volume, turning your hearing aids off, or activating a personalised program.

Amplifon Audiologist talking with her clients

Come in to your local Amplifon clinic

If you would like to learn more about the options available to you, come in to your local Amplifon hearing clinic, and our Audiologists/ Hearing care professionals will be able to answer all your questions.

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