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Hearing loss prevention

As we go about our day to day lives we are bombarded with a steady stream of sounds at different levels and sometimes these sounds are so loud that they can damage your hearing. The key to keeping your hearing healthy is understanding just how much damage that loud sounds can cause.

Although it is natural that people's hearing deteriorates over time, there are some common factors that contribute your hearing loss: loud noise, water, and changes in atmospheric pressures. So, it is important that you take the right measures to insure you have a healthy hearing

Sudden sounds like fireworks or a shotgun are loud noises that can easily damage your hearing. Repeated exposure to sounds over a longer period of time like machinery, loud music festivals or concerts can gradually take it’s toll on your hearing without you even noticing. This type of damage is likely to be permanent.

There are many work environments that require the use of hearing protection. Musicians need protection for their ears, as do people riding motorcycles and swimmers.

You may or may not know that regular exposure to sounds at 85dB or above can affect your hearing on a more permanent basis. It’s important to know that you can protect your hearing with simple but effective preventative measures. If you’re concerned about your hearing, our team of expert hearing specialists are available to answer any questions you may have about protecting your hearing for the future, so that you never miss out on that special moment.

Simple actions to prevent hearing loss

The important thing to remember is that you can take preventative measures to protect your hearing.

  • Reducing the time you are exposed to high noise levels. 
  • Turn the volume down on MP3 players or other personal music devices and use sound-excluding headphone or ear buds
  • Avoid using too many noisy appliances on at the same time at home
  • When purchasing new products check the dB, the smaller the better
  • Move further away form any source of loud sounds
  • Wear hearing protection when working with noisy equipment e.g. lawn mowers

Researchers have found that antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E and betacarotene, supplements that contain magnesium or even an occasional glass of red wine can help to minimise noise-induced hearing loss. 

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Our daily tips and hints for hearing loss prevention

Discover the importance of taking care of your hearing and follow our simple daily tips to reduce the risk of Hearing Loss. 

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Whether these really help or not, the very best advice is never to do anything that could put your precious sense of hearing at risk of permanent damage.

Protect your ears from cold and water

Ear protection from water is another important step in the prevention of hearing loss. If you find yourself getting in contact with cold air and water, it's better to do everything you can to protect your years. Either by using a swimming cap, or a hat when going out in the cold. Every little precautionary steps help when we're talking about preventing hearing loss.

Protection tips for noisy environments

The best thing to do when you find yourself in a noisy environment is to take preemptive measures that ensure your protection. Either step away from the source of the noise or use any number of protective gear solutions that prevent damage to your ears and hearing loss.

Clean you ears daily in the proper way

Constant and thorough hygiene is another important measure you can take to ensure that you are doing everything you can to avoid hearing loss. Hearing impairment prevention in this regard starts with your regular ear cleaning and continues with doctor visits to ensure everything is in order.

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