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Innovative hearing technology

Technology can change our lives and hearing aids are no different. The devices to help individuals with hearing loss, today, are far from the bulky and difficult ones of the past. We stock the latest in hearing aid technology and our hearing care professionals can find a solution to suit your lifestyle.

Receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid

Today, we have a huge variety of hearing aids to suit the specific hearing profiles of our customers; these can be discrete, easy to use and adaptable. Technology plays an important role in making these hearing aids smaller and more powerful.

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How hearing aids work

Hearing aids do many things, but they do two things very well: amplifying and processing sounds. The line of hearing aids we offer is specially created to amplify selectively - helping cut down on the background noise of the sounds we most want to hear. 

You'll find 5 basic components:

  1. A microphone
  2. A digital chip
  3. An amplifier
  4. A receiver
  5. A battery

Digital hearing aids and new features

Move over, flimsy, complicated hearing aids. Our smart digital aids feel less like a clutch and more like an accessory.

Intelligent sound management

The intelligent microphone system found in hearing aids makes it possible to focus on speech, regardless of the sound situation and the origin of the sound. Digital filters reduce annoying background noise, which makes noisy environments manageable for the hearing aid user.

Directional microphone

Sound enters through the directional microphone system. The directional microphones focus on conversations and improve speech understanding in the presence of noise.


Some hearing aids offer built-in batteries. The hearing aids become rechargeable: just place them at night in their charger for a full day of charge, making travel easy.

Wireless technology

Connectable through Bluetooth to your favourite devices. You can connect your hearing aids to additional microphones to amplify the sound for optimal listening quality. With contemporary designs and the latest technology you can connect to the TV and smartphone directly, so you don't miss out on any activity.

Waterproof hearing aids

The new waterproofing and sealing techniques used in some hearing aids ensure the permanent protection of essential components. Hearing aids today are more resistant to splashing water, perspiration and moisture.

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