Alarm Clocks and Alerting Systems

Alarm clocks for hearing loss

Here you will find alarm clock for the hard of hearing, which make everyday life easier. At Amplifon you will find alarm clocks that have been specially developed for people with deafness. 

We understand that often, regular alarm clocks do not cater to the hearing impaired.

Amplifon alarm clocks come in different forms, to suit your home. Set the alarm with the confidence that you will hear it, see it or feel it in the morning. Our alarm clocks use a variety of methods to ensure that you are woken up.

Extra loud and vibrating alarm clocks

An alarm clock for people with a hearing loss should have some features that a conventional alarm clock does not offer. 

This includes, for example, the possibility of individual volume regulation. Furthermore, an adjustment of the pitch and thus the frequency of the alarm clock can be useful. 

In addition, a vibration alarm is extremely helpful for people with a hearing loss. With the help of a vibration alarm, the awakening is not caused by a noise, but by gentle vibrations. Many alarm clocks also offer a coupled vibration pad.

Other models also feature light signals such as flashing displays or bright flashlights that add to the awakening experience. Thanks to these functions, you will hear the alarm clock even without a hearing aid, for example, at night. 

Alert systems for hearing loss

In addition to the alarm clocks, Amplifon provides people with hearing loss assistance with individual volume regulation of doorbells, telephones and smoke detectors

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