Amplifon Payment Options

Our payment options for your hearing aids

Find out the different payment options, financing, and other financial assistance available to you for Amplifon hearing aids


At Amplifon we have only one goal: to help our customers live to the fullest, making them rediscover all the emotions of everyday sounds.

This is why we offer most comprehensive hearing test, products with the most advanced technologies, the professionalism of our experts, and flexible payment options available through our financing option to make hearing affordable based on your needs and budget.


Up to 6 months 0% Financing

 We offer a 6 months 0% financing option. There is no other fee associated with this; to get this plan started. There is no other qualifying criteria as long as you qualify based on a good credit history.

Visit our clinic and ask our experts, they are always ready to recommend and help you apply for financing that is right for you and help you complete the application. 

12/24/36 month payment plan

Amplifon offers a flexible payment plan. Our customers have the option of choosing a payment plan that suits them the best . Customers can opt for equal monthly installment plans at competitive rates spread over 12 / 24 / 36 months.

Visit our clinics and speak to our hearing care professionals to learn more about this plan.

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