A Checklist to Care for your Hearing Aid

Hearing aid maintenance

It’s important to take care of your hearing aids not only to maintain high performance levels, but it will help minimise any potential problems you may experience with everyday use. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your hearing aids ensuring you are capturing all the sounds of life every single day.

Your Audiologist/ Hearing care professional will show you how to care for your hearing aids and will provide any ongoing support and advice that you may need.

Here are some simple tips to ensure you are listening at the maximum performance level:

  • Keep your fingers clean – Ensure your fingers are clean and dry before touching your hearing aid. The microphone is very small and can easily become blocked

  • Moisture protection – Always take your hearing aids out before having a shower, bath or going swimming. It’s best to leave your hearing aids out of humid environments e.g. bathroom. Moisture can damage the electronic components in your hearing aid. Your Audiologist/ Hearing care professional will advise you to remove the battery overnight, leaving the battery compartment open. A specific dehumidifier should be used regularly.

  • Avoid contact with sprays and makeup – Fine particle of hair sprays, body sprays and makeup can block the microphone and controls. Ensure you have removed your hearing aids prior to using these types of products.

  • Taking care of your hearing aids – You will need to ensure your hearing aids are clean and free of ear wax at all times. If you are cleaning your hearing aids, use a dry, soft cloth. Hearing aid care products are available through your Audiologist/ Hearing care professional. They will also check for ear wax build up and the general working order of your hearing aid

Day, night and year hearing aid care

Taking care of your hearing aid involves quite a number of steps to remember. During the day when you are most active and exposed to the elements, it’s important to keep in mind that it needs to stay dry and you have to avoid anything from building up on the tiny microphone. Come night time remember to take it off and remove the battery from the device. Keep it in a dehumidifier to allow the device to dry overnight. As for long term care, make sure not to miss out on your regular hearing tests. For any repair concerns, always turn it in for inspection by your provider.

Maintenance instructions as-needed

To maximize your hearing aid and the benefits of a fully functional device, make sure to keep it in the best condition as needed. Check your batteries regularly to avoid straining the device from giving you what you expect out of it. When your batteries are nearly drained, your hearing aid won’t be able to function fully and when this happens, you can strain your brain from overworking it. Have those replaced immediately to avoid complications. When the time comes that the ear mold starts to fit uncomfortably, it’s time to request an appointment with your provider.

Do not proceed to repair by yourself

If you are concerned that your hearing aid may need a repair, you will need to contact your local Amplifon audiologist/ hearing care professional for further support and advice. It’s important to look after the sensitive technology inside your device.

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