Exercising with Hearing Aids

Can I workout with hearing aids?

Having hearing aids doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Modern hearing aids are designed to suit your life, that means sport and exercise also!

It’s important to remember that these devices while very strong and robust you can do some simple things to ensure the longevity of your hearing aid.

Having a hearing problem shouldn’t stop you from living a full life. Go ahead and exercise with your hearing aids on, just make sure to take the right precautions. Keep sweat away by donning hearing aid sweat bands to keep your device dry. Depending on the type of device you have, you can also opt for hearing aid clips to make sure they never fall from your ear. When your workout is done, don’t forget to take the battery out and dehumidify the device. 

Workout and post-workout care

There are a lot of ways you can workout even with your hearing aids on. 

  • Using sweat bands: One good way is to use hearing aid sweat bands to protect your device from sweat dripping into its holes. 
  • Using hearing aid clips: Having hearing aid clips also helps to keep your device in place should you find yourself doing more rigorous routines. 
  • Clean after afterwork: After your workout, make sure to immediately clean your hearing aid with antimicrobial products. Don’t forget to remove the battery from your hearing aid to allow it to fully dry up from your workout. Repeat this process every time you workout or sweat excessively.

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