Amplifon ear plugs for swimming

Swimming earplugs

You don't need a Swimmers Ear to swim.

Our ear plugs for swimming prevent water intrusion in the ear canal, helping in your daily ear care.

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Protecting your ears from water

Swimmers Ear, also referred to as Otitis Externa, is a painful infection caused by swimming for long periods of time and can result in a hearing loss.  Due to this fact, it is important that we protect our ears when we are swimming to prevent our ears from being damaged. Swimming ear plugs are available to people who swim for sport or leisure and are custom fit to completely cover the ear canal.

Moldable and silicone made earplugs

Swimming earplugs are made using medical grade silicone material which is custom moulded to offer excellent water protection for your ears while swimming. They are derived from strong and durable silicone properties which allow them to float in your ears. Every pair of swimming ear plugs are laser marked with a name or personalisation of your choice and provided with a protective pouch. There is also an option for them to be fitted with a convenient handle and clear connecting cord if requested. Our swimming ear plugs do not shrink or harden in the water and can be made for you in a wide variety of bright colours, making them easy to find if they are dropped.

Swimming ear plugs for kids and adults

Swimming ear plugs are typically used by athletes who swim for sport, but can also be used leisurely by people who suffer from perforated ear drums or those who are prone to infection in the ears. Swimming ear plugs are not limited for use in the pool only; people use them in open water swimming, triathlons and other water sports such as sailing. Our custom fit swimming ear plugs are suitable to anyone who wishes to protect their ears in the water. 

All our ranges of ear plugs are available in a wide variety of colours for different situations, which you can discuss at a consultation with one of our trained audiologists in your local Amplifon clinic. 

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