How to Properly Clean your Hearing Aid

Keep your hearing aid clean

Keeping your hearing aid clean will prolong its life and keep it operating effectively. Hearing aid cleaning is simple when following these steps.

We’ve created a simple step by step guide for each type of hearing aid so you can see how to keep your devices in the best possible condition to ensure an optimum listening experience.

Cleaning your hearing aids is a simple task but is vital for extending the life of your hearing aids and maximazing their performance.


Keep a cleaned environment

Before cleaning your hearing aid, you should always make sure your hands are clean and dry, and carry out any maintenance over a soft surface at a table to avoid dropping it - they can be quite fiddly!

Establish a regular cleaning routing

Setting up a daily cleaning routing is the easiest way to keep your hearing aids in good working order. 

Each morning gently wipe the hearing aids with a soft, dry cloth to clean away any accumulated grime, oil or wax. Use a soft brush to clean the microphone cover, and a wax pick to remove any wax from the receiver tube. A wax pick can also be used to clean the earmolds of Behind-The-Ear hearing aids, or you can remove the earmolds from the tube and wash them in soapy water.

At night store your hearing aids in the same place to avoid losing or accidentally damaging them. Choose a location out of reach of pets or children, in a cool dry place. Avoid using the bathroom or other locations with high levels of moisture or heat.

Keep earwax in its place

Earwax is completely natural and healthy, but earwax build-up can damage your hearing aids. Use a wax pick and regularly removing wax from the delicate inner parts of your hearing aid. To avoid excess wax build-up in your ears, practice good ear hygiene by washing out your ears periodically with an at-home irrigation kit.

Minimise moisture

Moisture can be extremely damaging to hearing aids, and is one of the most common reasons why hearing aids need repair. Investing in a hearing aid dehumidifier or drying container can significantly remove moisture build-up from your hearing aids. Simply remove your hearing aid batteries and place your hearing aids in the container overnight, to allow the dehumidifier to dry them out. 

Store your hearing aids safely

If you will not be using your hearing aids for a while switch them off, remove the batteries, and store them in a container in a dry, cool place.
Hearing aid types and brands

Cleaning routine for RIC, ITE & BTE

Maintanance and cleaning routine for different types of hearing aids.

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