Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs

What are ear plugs?
Hearing is one of the senses that provide us with a good quality of life and it is important not to take our hearing for granted. It is common to forget the damages that can be done to our hearing from being exposed to loud noises throughout our daily lives. Instead of avoiding these situations, we can protect our ears by using ear plugs.

Ear plugs are designed to protect your ears whilst allowing you to hear all the important sounds clearly, from conversations with a family member to loud music at a concert. Our custom ear plugs are specially made to comfortably fit your ears and come in any colour of your preference.  

Why is it important to use them?
Research has shown that hearing loss in young people is increasing rapidly as a result of the many activities that have the potential to damage their hearing. Being exposed repeatedly, or for long periods of time, to sounds of 85 decibels (dB) and over can result in long term damage to your hearing. Therefore, it is important that we wear ear plugs in situations such as live music concerts, industrial environments and other noisy work surroundings. This is only a handful of situations that can damage your hearing and we can provide you with ear protection for various circumstances.

What are the different types?
There is a variety of options to choose from, whether the ear plugs are for general use or for more specific purposes. Our custom ear plugs are made using rolled silicone which is a synthetic material that we can easily mould to create a customised shape inside your ears. To do this, we will take an impression of your ears to ensure that it fits in your ear canal properly. These ear plugs will protect your hearing from a range of frequencies and enable you to hear sounds clearly and safely.  Custom ear plugs are typically used by musicians, swimmers, shooters, or people that work in specific areas such as aviation or industrial surroundings.

Our silicone ear plugs are also designed for general use by people who wish to block out noise. They are typically used for sleeping or when travelling somewhere. Our noise cancelling ear plugs are made out of soft silicone to provide a perfect fit to your ears while being extremely comfortable to wear to relieve you from high frequency sounds that can disturb or inhibit sleep.

All our ranges of ear plugs are available in a wide variety of colours for different situations, which you can discuss at a FREE consultation with one of our trained audiologists in your local Amplifon clinic. 



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