Custom earplugs

Why choose tailor made earplugs?

If you need to wear your earplugs for a long period of time or regularly, for example for work or for sleeping, it is recommended that you have personalized hearing protection made. Whether in the comfort of your bed or while traveling, these versatile professional hearing protectors ensure optimum noise and sound reduction. With Amplifon, the model of your choice will be made to measure.

Benefits of custom hearing protection

An Amplifon hearing care professional will tailor the hearing protection to the contours of your ear.

  • The flexibility of the material (usually silicone) adapts so well to your ear that you don't feel any pressure, even after several hours.
  • Earplugs are available in several models and colours (including transparent) and can be adjusted to suit the noise source.
  • Thanks to their integrated noise filter, they allow you to hear and understand important conversations or surrounding noises in every situation, despite the reduction in sound.
  • Perfect moulded fit and protection.
  • You can still hear all conversations and music: loud music sounds better.
  • They are less visible, because they sit deeper in the ear canal.
  • They last for several years (depending on growth, age or change of body weight).
  • Not sure whether your earplugs are still working? Have them tested for free!

Truly individual hearing protection

Each person is unique; just as we all have personal fingerprints or a different set of teeth, so are our ears. And, just like with braces, good hearing protection should be tailored to the wearer to be comfortable and to achieve its full potential for attenuation. So, personal hearing protection, unlike simple earplugs are designed based on your ear impression. It therefore adapts gently and discreetly to the ear canal. It is thus comfortable as well as noise cancelling. To be able to enjoy music, conversations and sounds, personal hearing protection is the best gift you can give to your ears.

Who would benefit from custom earplugs?

Noise-induced hearing loss is the second leading cause of deafness. In many jobs, workers are exposed to very high noise emissions which can be harmful to their health. Hearing protection is therefore recommended from a volume greater than 80 decibels; from 85 decibels, the employer is required to draw the attention of its staff to the dangers and to provide suitable hearing protection. This applies not only to workers in the construction and industrial sectors, craftspeople and motorsport enthusiasts, but also sport shooters, police officers and hunters, who must protect their ears from the noise of explosions and fire. detonations. Musicians and DJs are also a group at risk.

Hearing protection plugs are also recommended for high noise levels in everyday life. They can contribute to a good concentration and therefore to a high performance. Moreover, light sleepers who are quickly woken up by snoring will also benefit from suitable hearing protection, which will allow them to prevent lack of sleep.

If you are not sure whether you need tailor-made hearing protection, do not hesitate to make an appointment at an Amplifon specialist center. Our audiologists will tell you whether hearing protection is necessary and, if so, which one will best meet your needs. If you decide to purchase hearing protection, then we can immediately take an impression of your ear. It only takes a few minutes and is not painful at all. About ten days later, your individual earplugs will be ready.

Filtered and otoplastic earplugs

Our individual earplugs are available in otoplastic (also known as ear tips) and in several models, depending on the noise source which is to be reduced. The hearing protection is equipped with a noise filter which allows conversations and important surrounding noise to be heard clearly despite the attenuation. Otoplastic earplugs are always made to measure, so that they close off the ear canal precisely. They can protect in several situations, including: 

  • Engine and wind noise: With a filter, sounds are softened, but you still hear all sounds and signals from traffic. Moreover, you can easily wear the otoplastics under your helmet.
  • Work noises: If there is a lot of noise in your work environment or if you work at home with devices, you should protect your ears. Otoplastics for this situation ensure, in addition to protection, that you can continue to listen, talk and hear the necessary warning signals.
  • Concerts and club music: At home you decide how loud you want the music to be. This is not the case at a concert or in a nightclub. Otoplastics allow you to listen to music, but they protect against harmful sounds.
  • Musicians: For people who are involved with music every day, it is very important to protect themselves from noise. Customized hearing protection for musicians does not distort sound. Sounds continue to sound normal and the filter mutes high and low tones equally.
  • Travelling: If you are flying or in the mountains by train or bus, you might feel the air pressure change. This can make you feel uncomfortable or painful. Travel otoplastics reduce the pressure on your ears during the ascent and descent and filter out annoying noises. 
  • Sleeping: There are several disturbing noises that can keep you awake, such as traffic noise and snoring. With otoplastics you can muffle these sounds without completely closing off the ear from, for example, alarm clock sounds. Moreover, you can lie on your ear without being bothered by the earplugs.
  • In the water: If you need to be careful with water in your ear, because you have sensitive ear canals or tubes, for example, otoplastic moulded earplugs for swimming offer you the right protection. They will seal your ears watertight and you can therefore swim and shower without any problems. These otoplastics float, so that you can quickly find them in case of loss in the water.

During a no-obligation consultation, one of our specialists will be happy to explain to you which attenuation level is ideal for your noise environment. Otoplastics offer the right solution for all hearing needs.

Custom earplugs advantages and costs

Especially during sleep and tasks requiring high concentration, these products provide excellent comfort and an optimal noise reduction. Because it's custom-made, you can be sure your hearing protection won't slip off and will fit your ear.

Custom-made hearing protection seems, at first glance, more expensive than standard earplugs, but it is durable and reusable. Thus, tailor-made earplugs will be a source of joy for years to come.

Where can you find custom hearing protection?

Frequent exposure to high noise levels has been shown to damage hearing. Professional hearing protection will protect you from harmful frequencies. Amplifon offers many models of hearing protection, for every situation and every budget. Custom made hearing protection steps:

  1. First, ensure your ears are not blocked with earwax, because otherwise it is difficult to make an accurate impression of your ear. Book an appointment with Amplifon to get it removed professionally or clean your ears at home. 
  2. Make an appointment to take your ear impression at your Amplifon specialist center.This meeting is an opportunity to define your specific needs and assess the suitable product.
  3. Your ear impression is taken. This imprint will serve as the basis for the custom manufacturing of your hearing protection.
  4. Ten days later, you can pick up your hearing protection at your Amplifon specialist center, or we will send it to you by post.

Make an appointment today for a non-binding consultation on the different types of hearing protection and their use. You will undoubtedly find the right protection for every situation.

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