Hearing protection for work

Against loud noise in the workplace

Why is adequate hearing protection important in industry?

Earplugs create a barrier between the eardrum and any external noise. It is recommended for workers who spend a lot of time in hazardous environments and need to protect themselves from noise pollution.

Why are earplugs necessary at work?

For these workers, the use of earplugs are essential for:

  • reducing tinnitus;
  • preventing otitis;
  • reducing noise on a construction site or in a factory.

Why prevent hearing damage from noise at work

Exposure to loud and persistent noise negatively affects work performance. Unfortunately, excessive noise, especially in the workplace, is often underestimated and not perceived as harmful. For this reason, protecting ourselves against noise pollution means finding adequate protection for our ears.

Acoustic protection against loud noises in the industrial sector

The industrial sectors most affected by noise pollution include: 

  • construction sites;
  • metallurgy (and other factories);
  • transportation;
  • agriculture (due to the use of machines such as tractors, threshers, electric saws, etc.);
  • entertainment, etc.

In these sectors, workers are required to use hearing protectors such as earplugs or ear muffs. Assessment of this risk must also be carried out according to established European regulations to ensure protocol is followed at all times.

Hearing protection in office

In order to choose the right hearing protection, it is important to consider the work context and the type of activity executed by each individual.  In workspaces, such as offices, custom-made or pre-shaped earplugs are considered sufficient protection.  This type of hearing protection is easily portable and handy as they are small in size and fits directly into the ear canal.

Acoustic protection for work: models and features

There are different types of hearing protectors for those who require them for their hobbies, studies or work-related activities. These are some of the models you can currently find on the market:

  • hearing protection designed for drivers to better perceive warning signals and traffic noise. Ideal for helmet wearers;
  • hearing protection for those work with exchangeable broadband filters and different degrees of attenuation that prevent excessive or insufficient isolation;
  • noise-reducing headphones with special cushions and an insulating foam that provides excellent protection against loud, low-frequency noise;
  • certain types of headphones designed for particularly sensitive ears, such as those of young children as young as three months old;
  • earplugs made to protect against wind, help you sleep better and focus in noisy work environments.

Earplugs for bluetooth, music or radio

Listening to music in a way that is safe for your hearing is possible. There are special earplugs for people who listen to music, play music or frequent concerts, events and nightclubs. These earplugs protect your hearing without altering your musical experience. 

Active acoustic protection: with acoustic filter

Active hearing protection ensures optimal noise attenuation: it adapts to your hearing and poses no particular drawbacks. This type of hearing protection is designed to allow you to hear sounds clearly and without distortion while protecting your eardrum.

What to prefer between earplugs or headphones?

To prevent hearing impairments, it is best not to be exposed to noise above 85 decibels, but how do we know which hearing protectors will work best for us? The hearing protectors currently on the market fit variety of situations, which is why it is important to understand what type of noise you are most exposed to in order to understand which types suits you best. The decisive criteria for the type of hearing protection you choose is based on the desired attenuation effect, comfort and type of work or activity you do. If you work in an extremely noisy environment, earmuffs will probably do the trick.  However, for less frequent users in less noise-sensitive environments, simpler hearing protection, such as earplugs, is more suitable.

Personalized hearing protection for work

Amplifon's custom-made earplugs are made of anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic material for prolonged use, require minimal maintenance and adapt to the shape of the ear canal, protecting the ear from all kinds of harmful workplace noise.

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