Hearing aids helped William with his tinnitus

Even tinnitus is less disturbing with hearing aids
Last update on Sep, 11, 2018

Globetrotting William Allan is on course for more adventures after finding that hearing aids not only helped with his hearing loss, but helped ease his tinnitus symptoms too.

The 57-year-old first went to seek help from Amplifon after experiencing problems on a dream trip to China with wife Valerie.


He says: “My Audiologist, Andrew, spent time finding out about my background. We went through everything in detail and he answered all my questions. I’d also been suffering from a complex form of tinnitus so he recommended a pair of hearing aids that would suit.”


Amplifon offered William a free trial of his hearing aids which he took on his next break, a three-week tour of Cambodia and Vietnam. He found that his hearing was transformed. Crucially his Audiologist also provided him with aids that have special settings to help soothe the symptoms from his tinnitus. He explains: “I like the tones I can play to help combat the tinnitus when it becomes unbearable. I don’t suffer from tinnitus as much now, which means I can sleep better at night.”

"It couldn’t have been any better and it showed that these were the hearing aids for me."

It’s not just his holidays that have benefited. William’s new hearing aids now allow him to take part in conversations even when the room is noisy and watch the TV without the volume turned up to the max. He adds: “I would recommend Amplifon to anyone who has any kind of problems with their hearing.”

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