Julia - Hearing aids have transformed my life

“I could hear things I hadn’t heard for years..."
Last update on Mar, 31, 2020

Julia Jackson is unstoppable. Having just got back from the  trip of a lifetime to Antarctica, she is already planning her next adventure to Uzbekistan.

But she admits that the holiday would have been impossible without her hearing aids from Amplifon.

“Since I’ve had them my whole life has changed,” she smiles. “There’s no way I would have been able to join in the conversations with other travellers on the holiday to Antarctica. They came from all over the world, so without hearing aids I would have struggled to pick the different voices and accents.”

Julia experienced sudden hearing loss after flying out to Spain 15 years ago. “I called my son when I arrived and realisedI couldn’t hear anything in my left ear,” she remembers. “When I woke up the next morning, the problem was still there.”

“It’s much more than a hearing aid it’s a lifestyle change –and it’s wonderful”

On her return home Julia saw an audiologist who confirmed nerve damage in her left ear and helped her choose some hearing aids that would improve her hearing. But despite many visits and three different hearing aids over the years, Julia still found it difficult to hear – and to take part in the social activities she’d always enjoyed.

“Life became much more difficult following my hearing loss,” she says.

“I really struggled when the family got together because they all speak so fast and talk over each other it was impossible to follow a conversation. Watching the TV and answering the phone also became much more difficult because I couldn’t keep track of what was being said.

It was very isolating.” Determined to get back to better hearing and enjoy the active lifestyle she loved, Julia was excited when her son told her about a friend’s visit to Amplifon.

“I’d tell anyone to have a go, try Amplifon out"

Julia’s family have also noticed the difference her hearing aids make. “They all tell me I can hear them so much better now,” she smiles. “I’d been driving them mad before!”

Julia also finds watching TV and talking on the phone much easier thanks to the adjustments she can make to her hearing aids with an easy to use app on her mobile phone and iPad.

“The technology is simple to use and it’s great to discover you can control your hearing aids that way,” she adds.

“I could hear things I hadn’t heard for years, bird song, the sound of rain on the roof – even my own footsteps.”

And Julia knows Amplifon are always on hand if she has any questions about her hearing aids. “The aftercare has been superb – I can go in at any time if I need advice or an adjustment to my hearing aids and they’ll go out of their way to help, which is a huge bonus.”

“I’d tell anyone to have a go, try Amplifon out – for me it’s much more than a hearing aid, it’s a lifestyle change – and it’s wonderful.”

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