“I’m part of the conversation again”

Becca Rose-Hood
Last update on Mar, 02, 2023

England Deaf Rugby player Becca Rose-Hood says her communication with teammates and family is better than ever after turning her free trial with Amplifon into a permanent transfer.

Becca, a mum-of-two, says she didn’t give a second thought to upgrading to Amplifon’s hearing aids after her free trial made a difference off the pitch, opening her up to every conversation.

The 33-year-old says: “The difference they have made in my hearing has changed my life – it is so much better. Friends and family have all noticed the difference in me, especially my other half. The communication is so much better.

“I don’t have to worry about sitting out and not getting involved in conversations because I don’t know what people are talking about. I can hear conversations better, especially with my children.”

The Ampli-Energy R5 hearing aids that Becca chose give her complete freedom thanks to their rechargeable, 24-hour battery, making them easy to use and ready when she needs them.

Becca, a teaching assistant from Walsall, has been hard of hearing her whole life and started using hearing aids as a child to give her moderate hearing ability.

The difference they have made in my hearing has changed my life – it is so much better.

“It affects me every day just in general life, but I have learned to adapt to it,” she says. “Hearing aids were unusual for me because it was a new normal, but I’ve never looked back. I would be lost without them.”


Becca has played rugby for seven years, highlighting representing England as the pinnacle of her career so far. “I found the team in 2015, they messaged me on Facebook, and I have enjoyed every single match since,” she says. “It’s a great honour to play for England Deaf Rugby – I never thought I would get that opportunity.”


Becca had a free hearing test with Amplifon and then took advantage of our free hearing aid trial, allowing her to take them home and test them out where it really matters.

My daily life was just better

It was the free trial that encouraged her to purchase the devices, after they enabled her to connect with her family and see the impact they made on her life.

“My daily life was just better,” she says. “I took my daughter to school; I went to the pub – times when I would’ve felt left out of conversation with family and friends, but I didn’t.  

It was the little things that made me realise I wanted to buy them – I didn’t have to worry about turning the volume up on the television.”

The impact the hearing aids have had on Becca’s life can be traced back to her free trial and she insists she would encourage anyone considering an upgrade to try it.

“I would recommend it to anyone, 100 per cent,” she says. “The test was great, so smooth – I had amazing help from Kiran at Amplifon, she was so helpful!”

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