Hearing aids saved our marriage

John Swainston believes better hearing has improved his relationship.
Last update on Sep, 11, 2018

John Swainston says better hearing saved his marriage – and now he couldn’t be happier. Wife Lynn recalls arguments where the need to repeat herself so her husband could hear only exacerbated their problems. 

“To be honest we were borderline for the divorce courts because we were bickering all the time,” she says. “Every time I spoke to John I had to repeat myself and after a while it gets a bit wearing. You start wondering whether it’s because he can’t hear you, or because he has selective hearing. I once told him, ‘I am going to buy a parrot so it can sit on my shoulder and every time you say, ‘pardon’ or ‘what’ I can pull the parrot’s tail and it can repeat what I’ve said.”

John’s hearing problems came after a career working with heavy machinery as a HGV driver. His hearing had deteriorated over a long period of time so he did not realise how severe it had become. As he describes it: “It crept up on me over the years.”

As is the case with many people, John felt reluctant to acknowledge the severity of his hearing loss when Lynn first suggested he may need hearing aids. Now he says he is glad she persuaded him to seek help. “It had to be sorted out if our marriage was going to last,” he says. The difference hearing aids made was immediate following his test with an Amplifon audiologist – “even before they were tuned in properly,” says John. “I was really surprised, you don’t realise just how bad your hearing is until you try the aids.” 

"Making that appointment at Amplifon was the best thing we have ever done."

The couple were also particularly impressed with the openness and honesty of the audiologist, who was able to show them a wide selection of hearing aids from leading manufacturers. Although there were more expensive models on the market, he was advised there was no point spending more than he needed and was offered the best aids to help him regain his hearing. Today, John and Lynn are happier than ever and they are convinced that addressing John’s hearing issues saved their marriage. 

“It immediately turned things around,” Lynn says. “As we were walking around town there was traffic noise and lots of bangs and clangs, but whenever I spoke to John he answered me instead of saying, ‘What did you say, what did you say?’ It was lovely.

Making that appointment at Amplifon was the best thing we have ever done.”


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