How to turn on/off your hearing aid

How exactly do you turn on/off your hearing aid?

Each hearing aid device has its own unique mode to be turned on and turned off. Although the action of turning on and off a device is quite simple, it is necessary to perform it in the correct manner so the device can be kept in good condition over time.

Turning your hearing aid on

It is very important to turn on the hearing aid properly, as indicated in the instruction manual and following the recommendations provided by the hearing specialist. It is also necessary to pay close attention to the first time the device is powered on, following the directions closely. To turn on the hearing aid, a battery must be inserted into the designated slot. Once the battery is inserted and the slot is closed, the device will start working immediately. After a few seconds, the patient will be able to put the aid on and use it. At first, the hearing aid may make a whistle-like sound, but once it is inserted correctly inside the ear, the whistling will stop. 

Closing the battery door

It is very important to place the battery correctly inside the battery slot, only after doing so will you be able to turn the device on. If the battery is not inserted correctly, the device may not turn on or it may stop working entirely after some time. 

Why does my hearing aid not turn on?

If the hearing aid does not turn on, it could be for one of the following reasons: 

  • a dead battery (if this is case, once the battery is replaced, the hearing aid will start working again).
  • the battery has not been inserted properly
  • the volume of the hearing aid is set to the minimum
  • the hearing aid has not been properly turned on
  • the tubes are tangled or compressed
  • there is condensation inside the tubes

Once these minor problems have been resolved, the device should operate as intended.  

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Turning your hearing aid off

To turn off the hearing aid, all you have to do is open the battery slot completely. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to keep the hearing aid on all the time, every now and then it is good to take it off and turn it off to preserve its battery life.

How to preserve the battery

As with all batteries, hearing aid batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat sources and sunlight. Humidity can affect battery life which is why it is best not to keep them in the bathroom.

Powering On/Off: different types of hearing aids

Each device has its own method to be powered on and off, based on the technical characteristics of the different models.


In the case of rechargeable hearing aids, the on/off operation is simple. The device powers on when it is removed from its charging station and turns off once its placed back in the charger. However, these types of devices have their respective on/off buttons.


Powering on and off the RIC hearing aid is similar to how it is done in the behind-the-ear hearing aid, with the receiver inside the ear canal. The operation is done as follows: to turn the hearing aid on, close the battery door so that the battery is connected and the hearing aid starts working. Conversely, to turn the device off, you must simply open the battery door.


To turn on behind-the-ear hearing aids (also referred to as BTEs), all you have to do is close the battery door until the battery is fully connected. Before placing in the hearing aid, make sure it is turned on. To turn it off, remove the domes from the ear canal and the entire hearing aid placed behind the ear, then proceed to open the battery door. When the device is not in use, it is recommended that you continue to leave the battery door open to preserve battery life.


Turning these models (In-the-Ear) on and off is very similar to turning on and off retroauricular devices. To turn it off, open the battery door located opposite to the earpiece. Conversely, to turn it back on, make sure the battery slot is closed. 

How do I know if my hearing aid is damaged?

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