Hearing tubes and their functions

What are hearing aid tubes and how to replace them?

Hearing aid tubes are one of the most fundamental components of several hearing aids available today and therefore of great importance in order to guarantee their proper functioning. 

What is the function of a hearing tube?

The hearing tube is an essential component of a hearing aid as it enables sound to be transferred to the ear. For this reason, it must always be properly connected to the earpiece or earmold. Additionally, in order to ensure proper functioning, it must always be kept clean of moisture and earwax.

Do all hearing aids have the tube?

Not all hearing aids have hearing tubes; those that do are behind-the-ear hearing aids, i.e. those that fit behind the ear. 

Different types of hearing aid tubes

There are different types of hearing aid tubes, which usually vary in size according to the hearing aid you have. In particular, there are three types of tubing: standard, thin and thick.

How to clean hearing aid tubes

Cleaning hearing aid tubes is essential to ensure their correct functioning and we advise that you always wash your hands thoroughly before doing so. Handling your hearing aid with dirty hands can cause more damage than you imagine. 

As far as cleaning hearing aid tubes is concerned, you can use the brush provided in your hearing aid’s complimentary cleaning kit. Alternatively, you can also detach the hearing tubes once a week and wash them under running water. Take care to dry them completely before using them again, as water, together with earwax, is the principal enemy of hearing aids.

If you are not sure how to clean hearing aid tubes, or if you are a beginner, you can get help from Amplifon hearing care professionals by going to your nearest centre.

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How do I know if the tube is not working well?

One of the most common signs of a problem with a hearing aid is a partial or total reduction in hearing: i.e. the sound is distorted or the device becomes completely mute. Sometimes, this may be due to the battery running out; other times, it may be due to a blocked tube. 

To unblock a hearing tube, all you have to do is remove the obstruction. More often than not this is caused by earwax, so you should clean it thoroughly but gently. If, however, cleaning the hearing tube doesn’t resolve the problem, the causes lie elsewhere and consulting a specialist may be the best solution.

Hearing aid tubes replacement

The hearing tube is the component of the hearing aid through which sound reaches the ear. For this reason, when it malfunctions or fails, the consequences are reflected on the entire hearing aid and the person wearing it, causing pain or whistling caused by the sound returning.

How often hearing tubes should be replaced?

Regularly replacing hearing aid tubes is essential to the correct functioning of your device. On average, hearing aid tube replacement needs to be carried out every three months. With the passage of time, the tubing hardens and roughens, which affects the acoustic transmission and, therefore, the sound quality.

Can I replace the hearing aid tubes?

You can change hearing aid tubes yourself by following these three simple steps: 

  1. Pull the thin tube out of the hearing aid.
  2. Insert the cleaning tool along the entire length of the thin tube.
  3. Reconnect the thin tube to the hearing aid. 

Remember, you can always consult your Amplifon specialists for all the necessary information.

Where to buy hearing aid tubes?

You can buy hearing aid tubes on the most popular e-commerce sites or in specialised shops. Hearing tubes are also available in all Amplifon centres.

Hearing aid tubes information

If you wish to purchase hearing aids, you can do so at the Amplifon center nearest to you. If you have any questions about the care or cleaning of your hearing aids, please make an appointment at your nearest Amplifon centre.

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