Neck pain and tinnitus

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Can tinnitus and ringing in ears be caused by neck problems?

The answer is yes. Clinically speaking it is called cervical tinnitus. In practice, these are whistles and ringing perceived in the ear in conjunction with the emergence of cervical pain and neck problems.

Cervical tinnitus: what to do?

For some time now, medical research has hypothesized the existence of a link between  sprains and trauma related to head and neck and the onset of  tinnitus. The situation deserves a more in-depth analysis on both fronts.  Consulting your doctor is the first step to better investigate the origin of cervical pain, then a  hearing check carried out by a specialist will allow you to define the  nature of the tinnitus and identify the most appropriate  therapy. In the meantime, some practical tricks can help you face this phase with greater serenity.

Can a neck adjustment help tinnitus?

Cervical tinnitus could be connected to the assumption of incorrect postures. Preferring  positions that do not tire the neck area and rely on good  rehabilitation gymnastics that keep the muscles relaxed are attitudes to be favored. This can increase the chances of tinnitus disappearance.

The ENT Doctor and Audiologist: what's the difference?

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A good massage can help!

Massages and physiotherapy in general have a relaxing function on the muscles aimed at reducing the compression of some cervical nerves and sweeping away accumulated stress and tension. In these cases it is advisable to rely on professionals in the sector, avoiding being tempted by do-it-yourself, as a wrong exercise could accentuate the symptoms.

Sound enrichment

Cervical tinnitus, as objective tinnitus, generally resolves once the underlying cause has been identified and appropriately treated. To better deal with this transition phase, there are sound enrichment devices that allow you to relax thanks to the emission of sounds usually related to the world of nature, such as streams, waterfalls and rain, preferably continuous and with a broad spectrum. These devices, constantly stimulating the hearing, help reduce the volume of tinnitus and, in some cases, can even completely resolve it.

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