The ENT Doctor and Audiologist: what's the difference?

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Last update on May, 25, 2019

The ENT Doctor's role

The otolaryngologist, often shortened in ENT (ear, nose and throat), is a doctor specialized in ears, throat and nose. The ENT doctor is able to diagnose a hearing loss in a medical way. He is the only authorised professional in hearing aids and medical or surgical treatment prescription.

When should you consult an ENT doctor for your hearing? We suggest to book an appointment if you feel a pain in the ears that lasts for more than 24 hours, hearing loss or persistent tinnitus. In case of ear pain however, it is recommended to see your doctor first, to determine their origin, which may be external to the ear.

This specialist is responsible for disorders diagnosis and pathologies identification. The ENT Doctor leads a two-phase test: otoscopy, a complete visual clinical examination of the eardrum and duct, and audiometry, to measure your hearing. If a hearing aid is necessary, the ENT doctor will then prescribe a hearing test with a hearing care professional.

The Audiologist's role

This state-certified hearing aid professional is the only one able to offer and adjust customised hearing solutions. At Amplifon, the audiologist performs a series of hearing tests complementary to those performed by the ENT doctor. Following this complete hearing assessment, the audiologist may also refer you to an ENT doctor to confirm the diagnosis and get the necessary prescription. Once obtained, the hearing care professional will be able to define, together with you, your needs, step by step to a better hearing.

Its technical expertise extends from the equipment itself to adjustments and maintenance throughout the life of the hearing aid. Your Amplifon audiologist is also on top of any news in the hearing technology fiels to offer you the latest innovations, always improving your hearing and comfort.

If you have any doubt about your hearing, do not hesitate to contact our Amplifon hearing centers, our audiologists are at your disposal for free hearing tests and answering any of your questions.


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