How to listen to TV with hearing aids

Last update on Jun, 16, 2023

Connect hearing aids with TV

Over time, increasing the volume of the TV can have detrimental effects on your hearing, potentially leading to hearing loss. To address this concern, there are specialised devices available in the market known as TV streamers and accessories, designed to enhance the TV listening experience for individuals with hearing aids. These devices can be conveniently connected to hearing aids using technologies such as Bluetooth.

At Amplifon, we offer a range of TV headphones tailored to different preferences and needs, ensuring that you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies with optimal clarity and without compromising your hearing health.

Television solutions for hearing problems

There are various solutions available for individuals with hearing loss who want to enhance their television-watching experience. These solutions cater to different degrees of hearing loss, including severe cases. However, it is crucial to consult an audiologist beforehand to determine the most suitable and effective solution for each individual patient.

The audiologist will assess the specific hearing needs and preferences of the patient, considering factors such as the type and severity of hearing loss, to recommend the most appropriate options. This personalised approach ensures that individuals with hearing loss can enjoy television programs with improved clarity and sound quality, tailored to their unique requirements.

Bluetooth headphones for TV

TV headsets amplify the sound from the television but are not a substitute to hearing aids. Using Bluetooth simplifier headsets instead of hearing aids may not provide significant benefits for individuals with hearing loss, particularly those with a severe hearing impairment. It is best to consult an audiologist to find the right solution for your hearing needs.

Using subtitles

Captioning is a valuable tool that enhances the television viewing experience for individuals with hearing difficulties. By displaying text on the screen, captioning enables viewers to read the spoken content, ensuring they can fully understand and enjoy what they are watching. This accessibility feature is particularly beneficial for those with hearing impairments, as it eliminates the need to solely rely on auditory cues.

Setting clear speech on the TV

The "Clear voice" function is a valuable feature available on certain televisions that enhances the listening experience for individuals with hearing difficulties. By activating this function, the TV prioritises and amplifies dialogue over background noise, making it easier for the viewer to hear and understand the spoken words. Whether it's watching movies, TV programs, news broadcasts, or sports telecasts, the "clear voice" function ensures that the human voice in dialogues is heard with greater clarity. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals who struggle to discern dialogue amidst noisy environments or when there are competing sounds. With this function, individuals can enjoy their favourite programs and stay connected to the content with improved speech intelligibility.

TV streaming function

The TV streaming function enables a direct transmission of TV sound to the wearer's hearing aids, eliminating the need for an additional intermediary device. Thanks to TV streaming, individuals can adjust the volume and sound settings of their hearing aids to suit their preferences, ensuring optimal clarity and comfort. 

TV-Streamer for hearing aids

A TV streamer for hearing aids is a device that allows individuals with hearing loss to connect their hearing aids directly to their TV. It enables clear transmission of audio from the TV to the hearing aids, enhancing the user's ability to hear. Some models can filter out background noise or amplify specific frequencies for an enhanced listening experience.

Induction or T-coil systems for hearing aids

Hearing aid induction systems utilise magnetic induction technology to deliver sound directly to individuals' hearing aids. This innovative system enhances the quality of audio and improves speech comprehension, particularly in challenging environments with background noise or distance. An example of an inductive hearing aid system is the induction loop, commonly referred to as a loop. It operates by generating a magnetic signal that can be captured by hearing aids equipped with a "telecoil" feature.

Why choose Amplifon?

By choosing Amplifon as your hearing care provider, you’re choosing to be cared and looked after by qualified and experienced Audiologists who can help change the way you listen to the world around you.

How to connect your hearing aids to your TV?

To connect your hearing aids to your TV, the process may vary depending on the type of hearing aids and television you have. In some cases, it may be using Wireless Connectivity, while in others you can use a TV adapter or a loop induction system. Keep in mind that specific instructions may vary depending on the brand and model of your hearing aids and TV. If you encounter difficulties or have questions about connecting your Amplifon hearing aids to your TV, visit the Amplifon store nearest to you. They can provide you with personalised guidance and support to ensure a successful connection.

Hearing aids with TV connectivity options

While modern hearing aids generally can connect with a variety of external devices, such as smartphones, televisions, and audio streaming devices, it is important to note that not all hearing aids support these connectivity options. Each type of hearing aid has different features that enable connectivity with different devices. By inquiring about the available connectivity features and selecting a hearing aid that aligns with your needs, you can enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with various devices, improving your overall hearing experience and quality of life.

TV Connector for Hearing Aids

TV adapters, also known as TV connectors, offer a convenient solution for individuals with hearing aids to connect wirelessly to their televisions and stream audio directly into their hearing aids. These devices establish a wireless connection between the TV and the hearing aid, eliminating the need for additional headphones or intermediary devices. TV adapters come in v arious types and price ranges, catering to different preferences and budgets. They offer flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of hearing aid models

TV connectivity options

Prior to acquiring a hearing aid, it is crucial to verify whether your television possesses the necessary connectivity capabilities. These features can include Bluetooth functionality, analog audio output ports, or telecoil technology support.

Hearing aids in pairing mode

Before purchasing a hearing aid, it's crucial to ensure that the particular model of hearing aid supports the user's wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth or other wireless protocols. By activating the "pairing" mode, users can wirelessly connect their hearing aids to external devices such as TVs. This wireless connection enhances the hearing experience, providing improved audio quality and personalised sound. It also offers convenience and flexibility, allowing users to move around freely while staying connected to their favorite TV programs.

TV settings

Within the TV settings, there is an option available to establish a connection with hearing aids.

How to connect the devices

The process of connecting an acoustic device to a TV varies depending on the type of device and the available connectivity options of the TV. There are several methods to establish the connection: using a wired connection with an audio jack, utilizing a TV adapter that connects to the TV's audio output, establishing a wireless connection through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi if the acoustic device supports it, or utilising a loop induction system if the TV or room has this feature.
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Advantages of connecting hearing aids to the TV

Watching TV with the assistance of hearing aids offers numerous advantages, including:

  • wireless connectivity
  • personalised sound amplification
  • direct streaming capabilities
  • background noise reduction.

These benefits can greatly enhance the TV viewing experience for individuals with hearing loss. It's important to note that the extent of these benefits may differ depending on the specific features of the hearing aids and the unique hearing requirements of each individual.

Hearing aids versus TV adapters: differences

The TV adapter serves as an external device that enables a hearing aid to receive audio from the television. Unlike hearing aids specifically designed for TV connectivity, the adapter acts as an intermediary device, connecting the TV and the hearing aid. Amplifon offers a variety of TV accessories for you to explore, and it's best to consult an audiologist to determine the most suitable hearing aid based on your specific needs.

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