How to clean your baby's ears and remove earwax

Last update on May, 19, 2022

How to clean baby ears: different methods

Cleaning the ears of an infant is very different from cleaning those of adults. In fact, there are many methods for cleaning earwax and for infants it is best to follow the methods recommended by medical specialists.

Using a washcloth

One of the most recommended methods for removing earwax in infants is using a clean, damp washcloth. The washcloth should be wrapped around a finger and introduced gently into the ear canal and used to remove the dirt effectively.

Using baby ear drops

The use of ear drops is a very gentle method of cleaning the ears and it is often recommended by medical specialists to treat infections and remove earwax plugs in infants. The treatment consists of inserting a few drops inside the child's ear canal. The number of drops can depend on the child’s age group.

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Do’s and don’ts of cleaning baby ears

If you are wondering how to clean a child’s ears, it is good to take some precautions and inform yourself about what to do and what not to do. 


  • Use a damp cloth or washcloth to remove earwaxar around the outside of the ear
  • Apply ear drops or sprays, preferably recommended by a doctor, inside the child’s ear canal.


  • Avoid resorting to do-it-yourself methods, such as ear candles;
  • Avoid insert your fingers or cotton swabs into the child’s ear canal because you might push the earwax toward the eardrum membrane causing damage to the child’s hearing.

Tips to remove earwax in baby ears

To remove earwax in children, it is suggested to use a wet cloth or wipes to gently wipe the entrance to the ear canal and the outside of the ear. If infection or earwax plugs are present, ear drops can be used, but first make sure to verify your treatment with a medical specialist.

What causes earwax buildup in babies?

Earwax leakage in children is a very common phenomenon. However, in some children, the production of earwax can be excessive and may lead to blockage of the ear canal and symptoms such as earache or tingling. When this accumulation forms, it can be removed in several ways. The most recommended method, under the guidance of a medical specialist, is the administration of ear drops that dissolve earwax.

When do you need to call the doctor?

The doctor should be contacted when the accumulation of earwax is substantial and the child is experiencing symptoms such as earache, difficulty hearing, tingling or excessive discharge of fluid.

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