Advice for doing sport while wearing hearing aids

Last update on Jun, 20, 2022

Playing sports is good for your health and is a good habit to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Can people with hearing loss exercise like everyone else? The answer is not only that they can, but they must! In fact, there are numerous studies that show that playing sports is good for your hearing. However, those who wear hearing aids need to be extra careful in order to avoid loss or damage to their hearing device. In this article, we try to understand the correlation between sports you’re practicing and your hearing ability, how to practice physical activity with a hearing impairment, and how to protect your hearing aids while exercising.

Why sport is good for your hearing

We have already talked about how heart disease can affect your hearing ability and how heart patients are considered at risk of a hearing impairment due to poor blood circulation. Overtime improper bloodflow to the ears can diminish your hearing ability causing a hearing impairment. Just like smokers, heart patients are prone to hearing deficits which is why, in order to prevent onset heart conditions constant, physical activity is a must. Although this rule applies to pretty much everyone, it is a good habit to adopt, especially for those with a hearing impairment.

Tips for playing sports despite hearing problems

Those who play team sports know that during a competition or practice, people often prefer to use nonverbal communication to convey a message to their teammates. Why? One, because playing fields are often large and noisy. Two, because players are far apart. Three, because having a secret communication code through which to share game tactics. In these cases, a person with hearing impairment can be a great added value in a team, as no one is more skilled in sign language and gestures. So, if you are thinking about joining a sports team or practicing a sport, below are a few tips to keep in mind when practicing a sport with a hearing impairment:

  • Inform your hearing care professional of your intention to play sports, especially in cases you participate in competitive sports.
  • Inform your coach and teammates of the fact you wear a hearing aid, so they can pay more attention to their movements.
  • Always wear your hearing aids, even during a competition. Remaining acoustically isolated during a sporting activity is never a good idea, rather it is better to keep the hearing aid on and protect it in the ways we will see below.

Best hearing aids for sport

Some hearing aid models are more suitable than others for use during sports activities. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are the least suitable during sports, because they have an external tube that sits behind the ear and connects the device to the earpiece, so they tend to be more adversely affected by moisture and are more susceptible to accidental bumps and falls. Hearing aids in the canal (IIC - CIC and ITC) are best for playing sports because they fit snugly inside the ear canal and are more protected from the weather such as wind and rain.

Tips for protecting hearing aids during sport

Whichever model is chosen, it is undeniable that those who practice sports need to pay extra attention to the care of their hearing aid. The exposure to abrupt physical movements, sweat, and severe weather conditions may require frequent maintenance or even replacement. Below are a few tips to protect your hearing aid if you play sports:

  • Choose the hearing aid model best suited to your sporting needs, with the advice and support of a hearing professional.
  • Protect your hearing aid with a headband or bandana, to avoid accidental bumps or falls.
  • If you play water sports, opt for waterproof hearing aids
  •  Clean your hearing aids frequently using antifungal products as they are more likely to get dirty with dirt, water, sweat and wind when exercising.

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