Can you wear hearing aids on the beach?

Last update on May, 19, 2022

Hearing aid at the beach: what to do?

Summer is finally here and it is the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors. However, for those who suffer from hearing loss, it is important to keep in mind how to best take care of their hearing devices while enjoying the outdoors, particularly in places like the beach. As they can be a necessary support in any situation, these small and delicate devices cannot be left at home, therefore it is important to take specific precautions to ensure proper maintenance and storage of the hearing aid in this type of context.  With this in mind, below are some useful tips on how to take care of your hearing aid on the beach.

1. Keep the hearing aid away from sand

The first danger to avoid is sand. At the beach, even the simple act of placing the device on the towel to go for a swim can jeopardize its proper functioning. As a matter of fact, sand can enter the ear prosthesis and even cause permanent damage. Therefore, whenever the hearing aids are removed, it is best to store them in a special container inside a closed bag to keep them away from the sand itself or anything that has come in contact with it.

2. Remove the device before applying sunscreen or tanning sprays

Tanning sprays and sunscreen can pose another hazard to the hearing aid if they mistakenly come in contact with the device. Before applying these products to the body and face, it is important to remove the hearing aid carefully with clean and dry hands and place it in its designated container inside a closed bag. After applying the sunscreen or spray remember to rinse and dry your hands before placing the hearing aid back in.

3. Remove the hearing aid if you want to swim

Both fresh and saltwater pose a great danger to the hearing aid, which is why it is important that the device be removed and stored safely whenever you intend to take a bath or come into contact with water. If water enters the device, it will leave crystals inside that cannot be removed.

4. Keep the device away from heat sources and sunlight

Direct sources of light and heat can also damage the hearing aid. That is why when you are on the beach, especially during the warmer summer months, it is important to keep your hearing aid away from direct heat sources. In order to do so, it is best to store the hearing aid in the shade, preferably under the umbrella, in a special container inside a closed bag.

5. Always carry the hearing aid cleaning kit with you

A good habit is to always carry your hearing aid cleaning kit with you, just in case as it may come in handy. To get a complete overview of how to protect your hearing aid, you can contact your hearing care professional who, after reviewing your device, will provide some useful pointers on how to behave during the hottest months of the year.

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