10 facts about Sudden Hearing Loss

We have collected a list of 10 relevant facts to know about Sudden Hearing Loss
Last update on Jun, 11, 2019

Almost everyone has at least heard about it or knows someone who has been affected by the "dull feeling" in the ear. 

A Sudden Hearing loss is a widespread phenomenon across the UK and the World, whose causes are diverse and still not clearly documented. Accordingly, many myths are entwined with the symptoms and treatment options for sudden hearing loss, which is also called similarly to the heart attack and is a kind of "crash" of the hearing system.

Our List of 10 facts about Sudden Hearing Loss

We have summarized the 10 most important facts about a sudden hearing loss:

  1. A sudden hearing loss usually occurs in only one ear, more rarely on both ears.
  2. A sudden loss of hearing causes the person concerned not to hear anything from a person he/she was listening all of a sudden.
  3. Patients compare the feeling of hearing loss with a dull pressure, similar to a cotton swab in the ear canal. In addition, they hear often other noises (tinnitus) and dizziness.
  4. A sudden hearing loss is never accompanied by earache.
  5. To date, the causes of a hearing loss are not fully explored.
  6. Probably circulatory disorders in the inner ear are responsible for a sudden hearing loss.
  7. The spontaneous healing rate (within 24 hours) of an acute hearing loss is about 50% of all cases.
  8. The likelihood of healing is higher when the lower is the hearing loss caused.
  9. Because of the ambiguous causes, there is no treatment method today that has proven to help.
  10. According to estimates, in the UK around 11million inhabitants suffer from hearing loss with individually varying degrees of severity.

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