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We have hearing solutions that range from almost invisible styles that fit discreetly inside the ear, to those that sit snugly behind the ear. You can even select devices that connect wirelessly to your smartphone.


We offer hearing aids that are small, light and comfortable. So whether you're watching TV, going to the theatre or attending a social event, our latest technology can help you make the most of your listening experience.


Hearing aids so small.


State of the art hearing aids.


Forget the batteries.


Hearing aids, for any budget.
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Different types of hearing aids

Our digital hearing aids use advanced technology to help you make perfect sense of the sounds around you. We'll help you find the right type of hearing aid, whether you have mild, moderate or severe hearing loss.

As well as the different styles of our devices, you can also compare the various features and benefits of our hearing aids such as the connectivity range or rechargeable range.

For those with hearing loss in one ear, CROS hearing aids are designed and customised to wirelessly send sound from one ear to the other.

No matter what type of hearing aid you choose, each device will be personalised to suit your needs by a fully qualified hearing care professional.

What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a small electronic device that allows those with hearing loss to hear better. The hearing device consists of three basic components: a microphone, an amplifier, and a receiver.

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids work by amplifying sound that travels into your ear, so that noises become louder, while also reducing background noise, so that important sound becomes clearer.

The microphone picks up sound, like the sound of someone’s voice, and turns this into an electrical signal. Next, the amplifier increases the volume or strength of the electrical signal. The receiver then transforms the amplified signal into sound and sends this to your ear.

Why is it important to wear hearing aids?

There are a number of benefits to wearing hearing aids that not only improve your quality of life but can help prevent further hearing loss. As well as helping you to hear, wearing hearing aids increases safety and independence, improves your ability to socialise with family and friends, and preserves cognitive functions like memory, balance and concentration. It can take some time getting used to wearing your first pair of hearing aids, so it is important to take the appropriate steps to allow your brain to re-learn sounds and adjust gradually to your new levels of hearing.

What type of hearing aid is best for me?

Our hearing care professionals will work with you to understand your current hearing concerns and help you unlock your full hearing potential.

They'll use their expert knowledge and experience to customise your devices, giving you the opportunity to rediscover the sounds around you.

We'll be there to support you throughout your entire hearing health journey to ensure your devices continue to meet your needs.

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