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(Customisable) shooting ear muffs & plug

Perfect for shooting ranges, clay shooting or hunting

Why you should wear a hearing protection while shooting

Loud noises such as gunfire can be harmful to your hearing. When engaging in activities like clay pigeon shooting, target practice or hunting, specific shooting ear muffs or ear plugs should be worn to protect your hearing from irreversible damage. This will enable you to enjoy these activities socially, also in the long-term, and here we illustrate Amplifon’s range of hearing protection for shooting and explain how to go about obtaining your own, personalized ear protection.

The best shooting hearing protections by Amplifon

If you’re wondering what the best hearing protection is for your ears whilst engaging in shooting or hunting and whether you should opt for shooting ear muffs or ear plugs, then look no further than Amplifon.  

We offer a wide selection of noise cancelling ear muffs and ear plugs for shooting, specifically designed to ensure that the sound of gunfire does not damage your ears, all the while ensuring that you are still able to hear ambient sounds such as conversation with fellow shooters. 

All our ranges of shooting ear protection are digitally designed to protect against harmful gunshot noises and are custom-made to fit your ears comfortably and safely. Available in a wide variety of colours, you can even personalise your shooting ear defenders with your own name and standard logo. You can discuss your specific expectations regarding hearing protection for shooting during a free consultation with one of our hearing acousticians. 

Our three different models of shooting ear defenders are listed below.

Our product range of shooting hearing protections

Customised Ear Plugs

If you are seeking the very best in hearing protection for shooting, you should choose customised ear plugs by Amplifon. Custom moulded earplugs for shooting are precisely tailored to your ears, your hearing and, according to the specific activity you will be engaging in, your individual needs. Get a free consultation on these plugs in the next Amplifon clinic. 

How to buy a customised hearing protection

In order to ensure total protection and comfort, customised hearing protection is manufactured using a direct impression of your ear. This ensures that when your custom hearing protection for shooting and hunting is used for prolonged periods, pressure points are a thing of the past.

Here, in detail, how Amplifon’s custom manufacturing process works:

  • Make an appointment at your local Amplifon store to have the impression made. 
  • During your appointment, having specified the use intended, the best product will then be evaluated.
  • Following this, an impression of your ear will be made.
  • Your custom hearing protection will be made for you.
  • 10 days later, you can either pick up your custom moulded earplugs in store, or receive them by mail.


Another hearing solution for ear protection while shooting are the ACS PRO SERIES CUSTOM EPD – IMPULSE from Pacific Ears. The plugs offer 15 dB overall attenuation and 33 dB when a shot is fired. Get a free consultation on these plugs in the next Amplifon clinic.

Get a free consultation on hearing protections

Are you considering to buy a hearing protection for shooting or specifically hunting? Then get a free consultation with a hearing acustician at Amplifon to understand, which hearing protection would suit you best.

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