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Wearing a hearing aid with glasses

Sep, 25, 2023
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Can you wear hearing aids and glasses simultaneously?

Yes, you can wear both glasses and hearing aids together.

However, to ensure a comfortable and functional fit, it’s essential to consider factors like ear size and shape, the type of hearing aid required and specific individual needs when selecting hearing aids.

Best hearing aid when wearing glasses

Many people who wear both glasses and hearing aids wonder which combination works best. This is because the space behind the ear, where the glasses sit, can become sore due to the weight of certain hearing aid models, which creates a feeling of pressure behind the ear. 

BTE models

Many individuals find themselves drawn to more modern BTE models because of their compact and streamlined design. These advanced devices are engineered to fit snugly behind the ear, making them less obtrusive and more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

ITE hearing aids

ITE hearing aids are a popular choice among people who wear glasses as the hearing device is placed inside the ear canal, eliminating the space behind the ear and any potential discomfort. Its design minimises inconvenience and enhances the overall quality of life for wearers who rely on both these aids.

Enhancing vision and hearing with hearing glasses

Hearing glasses combine the benefits of both hearing aids and glasses in a single device. This innovative technology is seamlessly integrated into the earpiece, making it a discreet and effective solution. By using a receptor placed on the mastoid bone, these glasses transmit sound vibrations directly to the cochlea and inner ear.

Bone conduction glasses

These bone-conduction hearing glasses effectively work through a receiver inserted into the ear canal, which rests on the mastoid bone. This mechanism transfers sound vibrations from the stimulus to the bone and directly to the cochlea and inner ear.

Pros and cons of using hearing glasses


Thanks to a straightforward clip system, transitioning between different pairs of eyeglasses while using hearing aids is easy. The controls and battery compartments of the hearing aids are designed to be user-friendly. Not to mention, converting your current eyeglasses into hearing glasses is a hassle-free process.


There are few limitations for hearing glasses: they may not be easily adjustable; they typically work best for mild hearing loss and can be inconvenient if you don’t always wear glasses or need to switch between different pairs. Repairs can also be problematic as you won’t be able to use the glasses and hearing aid during the repair process.

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