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Hearing aid types

Behind the ear (BTE)

Fitting perfectly and easily

The Behind-the-Ear style or BTE, is one of the most versatile hearing aids available. They help nearly all types of hearing loss, and come in a Super Power model for maximum amplification. Depending on the severity and configuration of the hearing loss, most BTE styles can come with either a comfortable, custom ear mould or with a dome that fits within the ear canal.

Quality comfort

Different styles

Our experts

Quality comfort

High quality, high comfort

Behind the ear style hearing aids are a lot sleeker and slimmer than they used to be giving you a very comfortable fit. The microphone sits behind the ear and the receiver is connected via a thin, clear tube that is placed inside the ear that routes the sounds around you.
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Different styles

Choose the one for you

There are a variety of styles accommodating different performance features that can be tailored to your hearing needs.
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Our experts

To help you know more on BTE

To discover more about behind the ear hearing aids, you can get in touch with our expert hearing care professionals who can explain in more detail how the different models work and the available features. This can help you understand more about the types of hearing solutions that are available to you.
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Discover our hearing aids

With a variety of different styles and models each with varying levels of innovative technology, our experts are perfectly placed to explain the different types of hearing aids that are available and how the different technology works so that the best solution can be found for your hearing needs.

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Living with your BTE hearing aid

Discover how to get the most out of your hearing aids in your every-day life.

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How to clean behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids

Read our step-by-step cleaning routine for BTE hearing aids.  

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Hearing aids maintenance

Look after your hearing aids through: protecting and cleaning your hearing device and ask our expert audiologists for repair and checks.

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