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Types of Hearing Aids

We bring you the most sophisticated technology in a range of hearing solutions with price options to fit your budget.

In the ear canal (ITC/CIC)

Comfortable and discreet.

In the ear (ITC) hearing aids have the latest digital technology contained in a custom-moulded casing that fits in the ear. Although this type of hearing can be visible within the ear, ITC hearing aids have easy-access controls.

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Receiver in the ear (RIC)

Sleeker and slimmer.

The Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) is our most popular hearing aid style. This open-fit hearing aid uses a small tube that extends from the main part of the hearing aid which sits behind the ear.

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Behind the ear (BTE)

Perfect fit with ease.

The Behind the ear (BTE) is a versatile style of hearing aid available for all types of hearing loss. Depending on the severity of hearing loss, most BTE hearing aid styles can come with custom ear moulds or with a dome that fits in the ear canal.

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Hearing Aid Styles

There are many types of hearing aids available for individuals experiencing variations of hearing loss. This allows us to provide you with a hearing aid that is customisable to your hearing needs and individual preferences.

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The difference between analog and digital hearing aids

Analog and digital hearing aids work in different ways. As hearing aid technology evolves, more hearing aids are becoming digital.

Analog hearing aids gather all sound from your environment, like conversation and background noise, and amplifies the volume of this sound equally. These devices are unable to isolate and reduce background noise.

Digital hearing aids transform natural sound into digital codes, allowing the device to amplify important sounds and reduce background noise. Using advanced technology, these hearing aids are highly customisable and offer a variety of features including bluetooth connectivity and rechargeability. 

At Amplifon, our digital hearing aids will help you make sense of the sounds around you, so that you can experience and enjoy hearing to your fullest potential.

The best hearing aid for you

Your Amplifon Audiologist/Hearing care professional will work with you to find the right types of hearing aid solution. The current hearing aid models and prices are also explained to you in person.

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