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Custom Musician earplugs

Listen to music, avoid the noise

Listen to music with the best sound quality while protecting your hearing. Note that product displayed may not be available in all clinics.

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What are musician ear plugs for?

Musician ear plugs are designed for people who listen to music as well as the people who make the music. Research has shown that enjoying music at a live concert or through loud speakers and earphones can have irreversible effects on the health of hearing. Additionally, loud music during concerts, festivals or club visits might cause tinnitus.

Choosing the right earplugs

You no longer have to damage your hearing in order to listen to good music; you can responsibly protect it by wearing our custom fit musician ear plugs.

If you are looking to protect your hearing while listening to music or taking calls on your smartphone, we can equip you with custom fit musician ear plugs that allow you to take hands-free calls with perfect clarity and experience a wide range of Hi-Fi sound. Alternatively, we can supply you with custom fit earmolds for fitting over earphones, perfect for wearing during exercise or to reduce background noise on commutes to work.

Professional musicians can hear the true sound of their instrument or vocal with our reliable in-ear monitors. These ear plugs are enhanced to eliminate feedback, lower on-stage noise levels and reduce vocal fatigue. Alternatively, filtered ear plugs can also be provided by us to musicians who want to be protected from loud music exposure, but still hear the true sound and frequency of the music and their instrument.

What are the characteristics?

Musician ear plugs are all custom-made to provide excellent comfort over long wearing durations. Every solution is available in a wide variety of ear piece colours and cable colours, including the option to laser mark your name for complete personalisation on most ranges. 

Who should use them?

Musicians that perform at a professional level in live concerts, music festivals or other events which include loud speakers are advised to use musician ear plugs appropriately. To continue enjoying all the emotions of sound, it is important that musicians responsibly protect their ears in these environments as it has been proven that these ear plugs can enhance the whole experience, making the clarity of the instrument or their vocal clearer.

Smartphone and MP3 player users have the option to use our earpiece accessories which are used for hands-free calls and listening to music easily. Compatible only with smart phones and personal music players, these custom fit ear plugs are available to anybody who wishes to protect their ears responsibly. Our custom-made earmolds for fitting over earphones are similarly designed to enhance your listening experience on daily commutes and during exercising, while reducing the chance of your earphones falling out.

For musicians

We have several models of in-ear monitors for musicians to choose from to suit their preferences for different on-stage experiences. Our different models are made up of materials such as silicone which is moulded to fit comfortably in the ear canal. Selected ranges can include detachable cables, soft canal tips or a sculptured cosmetic finish for your individual skin tone.

Filtered musician ear plugs are calibrated to balance out all levels of frequencies in music to flatten attenuation across the frequency range, allowing musicians to hear sounds accurately at a safe and comfortable level. These ear plugs are available in 3 different levels of attenuation and fit deep into the ear canal.

For smartphone users

Custom-made ear pieces for smartphones and MP3 players are derived from soft, flexible silicone which sits comfortably in the ear, allowing users to receive an ambient noise reduction of approximately 25 decibels (dB) when taking calls or listening to music. A user-friendly wax guard system and a 3.5mm jack plug are also included.

Custom-made earmolds for fitting over earphones can be made out of silicone or acrylic material and are ideal for daily earphone usage. Once personally made, the device simply fits over the head of the earphone to create a seal which protects your hearing when listening to music and reduces the chance of your earphones falling out whilst running or during exercise.

Our range of ear plugs are available in a wide variety of colours for different situations, which you can discuss at a FREE hearing test with one of our trained audiologists or audiometrists in your local Amplifon clinic.

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