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NEW ampli-energy micro, 25% smaller^

Smallest ever with huge performance. ^Compared to a standard version.
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Our trial gives you a range of hearing aids personalised to you

  • Up to 14-day hearing aid trial, customised to your level of hearing

  • Includes our latest technology such as ampli-energy and mini hearing aids.

  • Unlike some providers, we have a wide range of hearing aids available for the trial

  • Our trial period covers up to 14 days instead of a 7 day period offered by others

  • Ongoing support and assistance throughout the 14-day trial

  • Trial the hearing aids in all listening situations including your home to social environments

  • There's no risk and no obligation, at the end of the trial period, you will have the option to purchase your hearing aids or return them to your clinic

Access our latest range of hearing aids

The new ampli-energy is a shield for your ears.

Protect yourself from sudden loud noises with the technology of the new ampli-energy.

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Maximum comfort in every conversation.

Designed to ensure clear comprehension of speech with no listening effort.

Double chargers to suit your needs.

One for your home, one for your pocket. You'll never run out of battery!

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*Free Trial Terms & Conditions

  • Free trial is subject to a hearing assessment with hearing loss identified
  • In the event that the hearing aid/s are damaged or not returned, National Hearing Care/Amplifon reserves the right to charge the client up to 100% of the value of the device/s.
  • Trial is for up to 14 days
  • Free trial excludes devices fully subsidised by the Hearing Services Program
  • 14 day trial begins on the date of the fitting
  • ¬†National Hearing Care/Amplifon remain the owner of the hearing aid/s during the trial period and until such time they are paid in full
  • The client may not reassign, transfer and/or sell the hearing devices

    The client agrees to:
  • Follow instructions provided by Amplifon for the proper use of the hearing aids
  • Use the hearing device/s solely for the purpose for which they are intended to be used
  • Properly store the hearing device/s in their storage container provided by Amplifon, when not in use
  • Not do any act which is likely to damage or alter the condition of the hearing device/s