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Is it time to upgrade your hearing aid?

Upgrade your hearing aid to hear at your best

Thanks to the advancement in the latest hearing aid technology, people who suffer from congenital or acquired hearing loss are now able to hear better and live normal lives. Hearing aids now come in different shapes and sizes that fit various lifestyle and needs.


Today, there are three types of hearing aids and each of them are designed to cater the varying conditions and preferences unique to every individual.

Hearing aids and glasses not mixing?

It's common for people who wear both glasses and larger behind the ear hearing aids to experience discomfort, Amplifon can help by selecting either an in ear or smaller modern hearing aid so that you can be comfortable wearing both simultaneously. 

Explore the exciting new innovations

The latest hearing aid high-tech features and accessories make living with hearing aids better and easier. Whether you like watching your favourite TV shows at home or love getting outdoors, there's something for every lifestyle. Speak to your audiologist to find the perfect choice for you.

Is it time to upgrade your hearing aid?

Technology has developed quickly in the hearing aid industry, now we have solutions for many varieties of hearing loss, from one sided hearing loss to profound hearing loss. By booking a FREE hearing test with us we can demonstrate and explain what technology can help you.

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