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Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries sent by post

Hearing aid batteries come in various sizes to suit the different types of hearing aids.

If you require new batteries you now have the option to have the hearing aid batteries delivered by post, or you can pick up new batteries in one of our 300+ locations.


To order your batteries call 1800 676 263 and we will post new hearing aid batteries to you.

Which hearing aid battery is right for your device?

hearing aids batteries with various dimensions

Hearing aid batteries come in four sizes and are colour coded to help you easily identify the right size. 

  • Size 10 batteries have a yellow tab
  • Size 13 batteries have an orange tab
  • Size 312 batteries have a brown tab
  • Size 675 batteries have a blue tab

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How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Many factors can influence how long each hearing aid battery lasts. The type of hearing aid, the amplification power, and the available features all play a part in battery length. For example, more hearing aid power is required when streaming television or music. Standard hearing aid batteries can last between 3 to 22 days.

How to change your hearing aid batteries

Watch our step by step videos on how to change the batteries for your hearing aids


How to get the most from your hearing aid batteries

Battery activation tip

Our hearing aid batteries are air-activated, which means they do not begin working until the coloured tab is removed and air enters the battery cell. Remove and discard the tab only when you are ready to use the battery. The tab cannot be reused.

Conserve battery overnight

When not in use, it’s suggested to turn off the hearing aid batteries. To do this all you need to do is open the battery door. The added benefit from leaving the battery door open is that it allows any excess moisture to dry out, this helps extend the life of your hearing aid batteries and your hearing aids.

Storing hearing aid batteries

The ideal temperature for hearing aid batteries is between 10 and 25°C, so it is recommended to keep them in a dry area inside at room temperature.
Due to the small battery size, ensure they are kept out of reach around children.

Battery life length

Get the most out of your hearing aid batteries by turning them off at night and reducing your streaming of television or music.

Rechargeable hearing aids

There are also rechargeable hearing aids such as the ampli-energy, which utilise lithium-ion technology so you can charge your hearing aids overnight like you would with a phone. If changing the batteries on your hearing aids becomes difficult to manage, please speak with a qualified hearing specialist who can explore if rechargeable hearing aids would be suitable.


Why are my hearing aid batteries dying so fast?

If your hearing aid batteries are dying too fast, the battery may be getting depleted by moisture which makes it less reliable. Ensure you follow our tips to get the most from your hearing aid batteries. If you have noticed a change in how long your batteries last, we suggest you visit your local clinic for a free clean and check of your hearing aids.

Should you change both batteries at the same time?

It is not necessary to change both hearing aid batteries at the same time. You will receive a similar performance from two hearing aids regardless of battery life. It is recommended to replace your batteries either when they die or on a regular basis on the same day - whichever works best for you.

What to do with dead hearing aid batteries?

Most hearing aid batteries contain zinc. Whilst convenient, you should never dispose of your zinc batteries in household waste as it is harmful for the environment. Instead look for drop off centres which accept batteries.
How to change batteries for BTE hearing aids

BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids. Watch & learn how to change batteries.

Need more batteries?

To order hearing aid batteries call 1800 676 263 or contact your local clinic.

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