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Best Hearing Aids: Key Features Examined

Which Hearing Aid Has the Best Features?
Apr, 17, 2023
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How do you choose the best hearing aid?

If you're trying to determine the best hearing aids for you, it's important to note that there is no single hearing aid that is universally considered the best. The quality of a hearing aid depends on individual factors, such as the degree of hearing loss, speech comprehension abilities and age.

Rather than asking which hearing aid is the best, it's more helpful to ask which hearing aid works best for you

While this article may help you compare hearing aid features, we recommend booking a free consultation with a hearing care professional at one of our branches. They can offer personalised advice and help you find the most suitable hearing aid for your specific needs.

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Features to consider when choosing a hearing aid

Nowadays, our hearing aids have evolved into tiny computer gadgets. This has resulted in a continuous improvement in the hearing experience through various technological advancements, such as directional microphones and wireless connections. With the integration of such innovative features, modern hearing aids can analyse sounds and reproduce them optimally. The requirement for cables and headphones has become obsolete, as hearing aids fitted with Bluetooth technology offer remarkable sound quality even while watching television.

In addition to this, the latest hearing aids are very easy to recharge using a power outlet or a basic power bank. With a charging time of slightly less than 3 hours, hearing aids with rechargeable batteries provide a battery life of up to 30 hours.

However, the best feature remains the exceptional sound experience. Most top-of-the-line hearing aid models allow you to adjust the volume based on individual hearing situations using the Amplifon smartphone app.

Directional microphone

By utilizing an amplification mechanism that picks up sound from a specific area, directional microphones are designed to minimize unwanted background noise and amplify sounds coming from one direction.

Voice recognition

During your hearing aid fitting, voice recognition technology is used to identify and analyse the user's voice, improving the interaction between the user and the hearing aid.


The T-coil, also known as telecoil, is a small metal piece wrapped in copper which receives and conducts electromagnetic signals. In hearing aids and cochlear implants, it converts magnetic energy to electrical energy, which is amplified into a high-quality sound.

Noise reduction

The noise cancellation function in modern hearing aids, enabled by noise filters, suppresses background noise, leading to a better listening experience and communication during conversations.

Variable programming

The best hearing aids offer a range of programming options that are tailored to different situations for an optimal hearing experience. These options include settings for phone calls, socialising with friends, attending concerts, and watching movies.

Connectivity to a dedicated app

Modern hearing aids offer easy connectivity options through a dedicated app. By enabling users to adjust the volume and omit background noises, such as wind, they ensure a clearer and smoother hearing experience. 

Acoustic isolation

Acoustic isolation is an essential feature in hearing aids, as it suppresses distracting background noise and allows the wearer to focus on the sounds they want to hear. The technology used in hearing aids enables them to distinguish between speech and other ambient noises, and to amplify only the former while reducing the latter.

Acoustic-motion sensors

Some hearing aids have acoustic motion sensors, which allow for both focused conversation and natural ambient sound reproduction These sensors process sound exceptionally well, allowing for optimal speech perception without the need to eliminate surrounding noise.

Directly stream audio from your devices

Digital hearing solutions enable you to connect to various apps and devices, allowing you to stream music to the hearing aid and take calls while staying connected to the environment. Our hearing solutions are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Who has the best hearing aids

To discover the best hearing aid solution for you, visit an Amplifon branch for a personalised and obligation-free consultation. Our hearing care experts will give you detailed recommendations on which hearing aid brand and model is the best fit for your needs.

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The hearing care professionals at Amplifon are happy to help you find the best hearing solution for you. They will tell you everything you need to know about the features and help you with the fit of your future hearing aid.

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