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Assistive Listening Devices

Accessories for your everyday life

Difficulty hearing can presents many challenges in everyday situations such as listening to phone calls, lectures, meetings and also concerts. Fortunately, all of these aural situations have discreet, portable solutions. 

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Headphones designed to amplify certain sounds, allowing you to elevate your music-listening experience.


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Alarm clock

Alarm clocks with built-in lights, vibration and a loud-alarm mode to ensure you're awake no matter the situation.

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Microphones with a slimline profile which can be discreetly attached to a speaker during meetings.


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If you experience difficulty in some listening situations, discuss these with your Amplifon Audiologist.

You'll be amazed with the range of cutting-edge hearing technologies designed to make your life easier around your job and everyday life.

Our devices are wireless, high-performance, and small enough to fit in any pocket, with a discreet remote control for controlling your hearing aid outdoors.

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