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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Hearing Instrument(s) will be booked only on receipt of advance through cash or credit card.
    In case the booking is done through cheque/NEFT, booking will get confirmed only after the realisation of cheque or transfer of money into the Company account.
  2. The first fitting of booked Hearing - Instrument(s) and delivery of booked accessories will be within 10 days from the date of booking subject to full payment by the Client. In case payment is made through Cheque/NEFT, fitting / delivery of instrument(s) will be done only after the Cheque/NEFT has been encashed/realised.
  3. If Client fails to make full payment within 10 days from the date of booking, Company reserves the right to cancel the booking without any refund.
  4. Once purchase order is booked, there will be no cancellation of the same. If client requests for cancellation, no refund of booking amount will be paid by the Company to the Client.
  5. After booking of Hearing-Instrument(s) but before the first fitting/delivery, the Client can request for modification of the order with higher version of Hearing-Instrument(s) subject to payment of difference in purchase price.
  6. Client can request for exchange of newly purchased Hearing- Instrument(s) with higher version Hearing-Instrument(s) only, subject to payment of difference in purchase price. Any such request won't be entertained by the Company, if the Hearing-Aid(s) are found to be damaged. The original packing of Hearing-Instruments(s) will also have to be returned undamaged.
  7. No request for exchange of Hearing-Instrument(s) will be entertained after expiry of (07) seven days from the date of first fitting.
  8. Any decision regarding cancelation, modification of order or exchange of Hearing - Instrument(s)/Accessories will be at sole discretion of the company only.
  9. The Company has explained to the Client about usage, functions, care, maintenance etc of Hearing-Instrument(s)/Accessories.
  10. The Client has understood that Hearing-Instrument(s) are meant to compensate his impairment of hearing loss but not to restore completely his normal hearing.
  11. Warranty of Hearing - Instrument(s) will be as per warranty conditions of the manufacturer. Warranty will be void in case of non-payment or balance payment due.
  12. Jurisdiction territory is courts of Delhi only.
  13. In case the fitting/delivery date is falling on any holiday, the next working day will be treated as the day for fitting/delivery.