First signs of hearing loss

Being aware of the first signs of hearing will help you and your loved one find the right path to rediscovering the world around you together. Whether that’s being able to laugh and join in a conversation at a family get together, understand what’s going on in a meeting and any actions you may need to address or quite simply being able to hear your friends and family on the telephone.

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We’ve detailed below some of the first signs of hearing loss that you could use as a checklist if you think your loved one is experiencing difficulties with their hearing.

  1. Your loved asks to repeat what you’ve said
  2. You’ve noticed that the TV/Radio/listening to music, the volume is louder than normal
  3. Interaction is minimal in a group environment due not being able to hear people talking against background noise
  4. They miss bits of the conversation
  5. Your loved one cannot hear you on the telephone
  6. You’ve been told to speak louder so that they can hear you
  7. They can’t hear the sound of the doorbell and telephone ringing
  8. Unsure whether you’re loved can tell which direction a sound is coming from
  9. They appear to be tired or stressed due to the concentration levels required to listen to a conversation
  10. Your loved complains that you are mumbling
  11. They can hear different voices better than others e.g. difficulty hearing children’s or women’s voices
  12. You’ve been asked about the details of a meeting or presentation they attended
  13. You’ve noticed they look at you’re lips more than looking at you listening to a conversation

You’re loved one may or may not have noticed the first signs of hearing loss but being aware of them will help you and you loved to continue discovering the world around you. Hearing all the nuances of life is just as important as seeing the world in full colour.

Taking our online hearing test on behalf of your loved one will help give you an indication of the type of loss they may be experiencing. For more detailed support and advice our expert team of Audiologists located at a store near you are always available to help you with any questions you may have and how to go about talking to your loved one about their hearing loss.

Understanding hearing loss

Understanding how the hearing system works and how changes in hearing can affect those closest to you, can help provide you answers to questions you may have and provide information as to what to do next and how you communicate with your loved one better

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