Tips to start the conversation

It can be a challenge having someone close to you is experiencing hearing difficulties.. Life is for listening and to help support the ones you love, you can show them that they are never far away from expert help and advice which can allow them to benefit from life changing improvement in hearing ability.

It’s not easy to find the right time to start a conversation about hearing loss as reactions can be mixed. Denial and reluctance are common reactions. Support throughout this process is key no matter how long it takes so you can add meaning to the time you share with each other.

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We’ve provided below some tips on how to start the conversation with your loved one to help them unlock their hearing potential.


  1. Choose the right place and time
    Choose a place which is private, comfortable for your loved one, maybe a favourite quiet place and free from noise as these types of conversations can be tricky and they might not be keen on having such a conversation or accept help. Don't be too surprised if your loved doesn't hear the full conversation first time or you’ve had to repeat yourself 3. Speaking clearly and not too quickly whilst facing them will help them to understand as much of the conversation as possible.

  2. Listen, understand and be empathetic
    Starting the conversation highlighting your concerns and showing empathy could be a good place to begin. Listen to your loves one’s concerns and let them do the talking whilst you take a mental note of their concerns. Then you can express your understanding of their concerns and how you see it from their perspective.

  3. Have a compassionate conversation
    It’s important to show compassion and talk from the heart whilst having this type of conversation with your loved one. Questions that could initiate a defensive response should be avoided as it could lead to resentment and make it difficult for future offers of help. Discussing how advanced technology has become in terms of sound quality, overall performance and look and feel can allow you to share with your loved one cand how they ould discover a new hearing experience that gives them the confidence to engage and interact effortlessly with the world around them.

  4. Share your experiences and impact of how their hearing loss impacts you 
    Share your experiences of how their hearing loss is impacting on you and/or the family. Talking and providing examples of the types of scenarios where this has happened can help encourage your loved one to recognise and accept that they are experiencing difficulties with their hearing. Offering guidance and support showing that you will be there with them every step of the way can help them overcome that initial barrier to taking the journey to better hearing.

  5. Communicate the next steps to rediscovering the world of sound together
    Discuss the benefits of being able to enjoy the things they love again. Your loved one may feel nervous about attending a hearing test appointment, so why not offer to go with them to meet the Audiologist. Be there to support them and ask questions so that you can both leave feeling confident in the options available to you to improve you loved one’s listening experience. Life is for listening!

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