Help improve their life

You can have an impact on improving your loved ones quality of life giving them the ability to interact with the world around them, enjoy life and get back to socialising with friends and family.

If you’ve noticed that you’re loved one is easily frustrated or you think they may not be fully understanding conversations or the TV is noticeably louder than it needs to be, helping them understand more about their hearing and the solutions available can have a life changing effect on their quality of life.

Life is for listening and to help support the ones you love, you can show them that they are never far away from expert help and advice which giving them their hearing life back.

It’s important to choose the right time to have a conversation with your loved about their hearing loss as they may not feel comfortable talking about it. Helping them understand the impact it’s having on you can also support your conversation with them.

Showing your loved one that expert help is available from our professional Audiologists can provide confidence in starting the journey to being to able to hear in full colour.

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The best way to find out if you have hearing loss is to make an appointment at one of our stores. Our specialists will assess your hearing capabilities with a free test and advise you on the potential next steps.

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Today’s hearing solutions combine the latest intelligent hearing technology which is accommodated in small, sleek designs giving maximum comfort and a high performance listening experience therefore impacting positively on their quality of life.

Hearing aid solutions enable you and your loved one to re-connect with the world around them. With the availability of different sized hearing aids that seamlessly integrate into your life, your loved one can see which type of aid will fit their lifestyle, needs and budget. You can expect your loved one to gain increased confidence in understanding the world around them through a hearing solution personalised for them. Depending on the environments that they find most challenging, we offer a wide selection of hearing aids that are smart enough to automatically change their settings to respond to any change in listening conditions. These settings are customised by our local Amplifon Audiologist and monitored through our Lifetime Aftercare service to ensure that they achieve an optimum listening experience.

Start the conversation

It can be a challenge having someone close to you who is experiencing hearing difficulties. We've put together some tips to help you start the conversation with those closest to you.

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