Hearing aid batteries and cleaning

Hearing aid batteries are the heartbeat of your hearing aids; they are essential to your ability to hear and enjoy the world around you. When you need to replace your batteries, remember they can come in a range of different sizes from several brands, and each type varies in terms of size, compatibility, and lifespan.

Not all batteries will work in your hearing aid: Below is the key information you need to know before choosing a battery for your hearing aids.

How do I know what size batteries I need?

Hearing aid batteries come in four standard sizes: 10, 13, 312 and 675. To help you identify which one you’ll need, all manufacturers use standard colour codes on their packaging and zinc air tabs.

  • Size 10 hearing aid batteries

Size 10 batteries are mainly used in mini receiver in the ear (RITE) and completely in canal (CIC) hearing aids. They are 5.8mm x 3.6mm in size and all manufacturers use the yellow colour code to identify them. Their size makes them ideal for use in the smallest hearing aids. Each battery usually lasts for approximately 3–10 days.

Rayovac Batteries size 10, were brought to market in 1986. This made possible the introduction of the smaller hearing aids that are so common today.

  • Size 13 hearing aid batteries

Size 13 batteries are most commonly found in behind the ear (BTE) and in the ear (ITE) hearing aids. They are 7.9mm x 5.4mm in size and use an orange colour code. These batteries have a lifespan of approximately 6–14 days.

  • Size 312 hearing aid batteries

312 hearing aid batteries use a brown colour code and the dimensions are 7.9mm x 3.6mm. You may find them in mini BTE, RITE and in the canal (ITC) hearing aids. They tend to last between 3–10 days.

  • Size 675 hearing aid batteries

Size 675 batteries use a blue colour code and are usually reserved for use in power BTE hearing aids. While they are the largest on this list at 11.6mm x 5.4mm in size, they also tend to last the longest. In fact, each one can last between 9– 20 days.

Cleaning your hearing aid

When replacing a hearing aid battery, it’s also a good opportunity to clean your devices thoroughly so they can continue to working at their optimum level.

Your Amplifon Audiologist will have shown you how to clean your hearing aids, but if you need a refresher there are a few approaches depending on the type of hearing aids you have:

If you’re not sure what type of hearing aid batteries you need, or need pointers on how to clean your devices, our in-store experts can help. Book an appointment with us at one of our stores across the India and we’ll help guide you through it all.