CROS Hearing Aids

Discover the high performance sound solutions that are available to you if your loved one has hearing loss in one ear. Single sided deafness is a common type of hearing loss but with this type of hearing solution it enables them to continue to hear the world around them from both sides.


What is a CROS hearing solution?

CROS hearing solutions are suitable for if they have hearing loss in one ear and normal hearing in their other ear.

This type of hearing solution has two parts, the hearing aid and a receiver. The hearing aid would be placed into their poorer hearing ear and basically consists of a microphone and a transmitter which picks up the sounds around them. The transmitter works cleverly to send sounds to the hearing aid in their good ear wirelessly allowing them to stay connected to their family and friends.

The second part of the CROS hearing solution consists of a receiver and an amplifier. Sound is amplified from their deaf ear which is then fed into their good ear. Personalised ear molds are of an open fit design so they don’t block the ability for them to hear the world of sound naturally through their good ear.

What is a BICROS hearing solution?

If your loved one struggles with deafness in one ear and are hard of hearing in the other ear a similar system to explore is the BICROS hearing solution. The hearing aid that sits in their deaf ear would be very similar to the system used in the CROS hearing solution. The BICROS system operates the same way the CROS system does but the difference is that the hearing aid that would sit in their hard of hearing ear would operate more like a normal hearing aid.

The BICROS hearing solution combines sound signals from both ears and sends them to the hard of hearing ear giving them the joy of hearing on both sides, keeping you connected to you favourite hobbies and past times.

This type of solution can be completely personalised to them and the environments they find the most challenging. If their driving with passengers sat in the front seat and their left ear is their deaf ear, the CROS or BICROS hearing systems could allow them to hear confidently what the person next to 

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