Hearing aid manufacturers

You can expect to find pioneering digital hearing aid technology at Amplifon from multiple leading manufacturers.

With a variety of different styles and models each with varying levels of innovative technology, our experts are perfectly placed to explain the different types of hearing aids that are available and how the different technology works, so that the best solution can be found for your loved one's hearing needs.

The latest digital hearing aids are available in three main types: Invisible, Behind the ear and In the ear; all of which come in a variety of different styles, colours and sizes. The most important factors in determining which hearing aid is right for your loved one are: the results of their hearing test, their lifestyle, the type of hearing aid they would prefer and their level of dexterity. Seeing and feeling how each of the different types look will help them understand which style you feel most comfortable with.

Based on these four key factors, our qualified Audiologist's will recommend a hearing solution that is completely personalised just for them. We want your loved one to feel comfortable and confident wearing their hearing aids every day so that missing out on their favourite sounds are a thing of the past.



Invisible hearing aids use the latest innovative technology and are custom made to fit completely in the ear canal. A very sleek and ultra discreet hearing aid for those that may feel a little self conscious about the visibility of hearing aids.

Behind the ear (BTE)

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids are housed in a small curved case offering varying levels of cutting edge technology which fits discreetly behind the ear. BTE hearing aids are connected by a clear, thin tube to a custom made ear mould made just for you making it a perfect fit. With easy to access controls BTE hearing aids are ideal for those with dexterity problems.

In the ear (ITE)

In the ear (ITE) hearing aids have the latest digital technology contained in a custom moulded casing that fits in the ear. Although this type of hearing can be visible within the ear, ITE hearing aids are very easy to handle and have easy access controls.