Should I use one or two hearing aids?

If you have hearing loss in both ears, two hearing aids is the way to go

For a better hearing experience as close to what one would naturally hear without a hearing impairment, the best solution is to wear a hearing aid in both ears.

Bilateral hearing loss: do you need two hearing aids?

For those with bilateral hearing loss, it is recommended to use two hearing aids - one for each ear. Below let's find out why.

Benefits of wearing two hearing aids

The brain needs both ears

In order to be able to properly listen to and register all the sounds of everyday life, the brain needs both ears. This means, if you suffer from bilateral hearing loss, wearing two hearing aids can help the brain to better process sound waves.

The ability to tell where a sound is coming from

With two hearing aids, you can detect where sounds are coming from in a timely manner. This is very important to identify the source of sounds and other dangers in time to react, such as an approaching car in road traffic.

Hearing in stereo is better

Wearing two hearing aids offers wearers the natural stereo effect, also known as hearing from both sides. This makes it easier to perceive external noises and have a better hearing experience.

Prevent auditory deprivation

Wearing two hearing aids can help prevent hearing deprivation, which helps keep the brain's auditory stimulation and auditory neural networks active, thereby also slowing down any related physiological decay.

Some hearing aids are designed to work in pairs

Just as a person's ears communicate, in a manner of speaking, with one another through the central nervous system, so do modern hearing aids. In this way, they can guarantee that directional hearing is maintained, even if each hearing aid supports different ear functions.

You can keep hearing aids at a lower volume

Wearing two hearing aids means having the ability to maintain them at a lower volume than if you were wearing just one, This is because hearing aids can communicate with each other wirelessly and are tuned to one another, ensuring a seamless experience even at a low volume.
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Tinnitus: using two hearing aids can help

Tinnitus and hearing aids are both a problem and a solution for those suffering from a hearing impairment. For those who suffer from tinnitus, two hearing aids can help considerably. As a matter of fact, in the same way that an individual's ears communicate with each other via the central nervous system, our state-of-the-art hearing aids can also communicate with each other to improve your overall hearing experience.

Improve user experience

Due to their stereo effect, two hearing aids can offer a more complete hearing experience that is almost identical to what non-hearing impaired people naturally hear.

Unilateral hearing loss: can I buy just one hearing aid?

In the case of unilateral hearing loss, in other words, the inability to hear from only one ear, a single hearing aid may be the solution as only one ear is damaged. However, to find out which solution is best for you, visit your nearest Amplifon centre for a hearing consultation from our experts.

The importance of regular check-ups

It is always important to check our hearing and not to underestimate the first signals our body gives us. This is why we invite you to visit the amplifon centre near you so that you can talk to specialists and undergo the various tests.

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