Unilateral hearing loss

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The loss of hearing in one ear

unilateral hearing loss occurs in only one ear, while the other ear remains intact. It usually manifests itself with difficulty in understanding where sounds come from and the direction of voices. In this article you will find small tips to facilitate listening and understanding in cases of unilateral hearing loss.

Causes of unilateral hearing loss

Unilateral hearing loss can be congenital or be the result of various infectious diseases, such as parotitis and meningitis, physical damage to the ear due to accidents or trauma, or bacterial or viral infections. Sometimes, the use of specific hearing aids (CROS) can improve the selectivity of hearing by perceiving sounds from a microphone in the "deaf" ear and transmitting them to the hearing ear.

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Tips for a perfect conversation

Before starting a conversation, it is advisable to find a comfortable place without background noise.

During the conversation, it is advisable to use the ear with which you can hear best, always maintaining eye contact with the interlocutor, and also with the discreet support of lip reading.

In traffic and in chaotic environments it is necessary to pay special attention, as people with hearing loss do not perceive acoustic signals correctly.

Avoid shouting and using unusual expressions during conversation. Your conversation partner will thank you for it.

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Tips for the little ones

Informing the nursery or school of the child's specific hearing needs is the first step to ensure better hearing.

Normally, unilateral hearing loss does not affect the child's hearing development, as he or she can hear perfectly well with the other ear. In any case, it is advisable to carry out regular checks of the ear to ensure that it is functioning perfectly.

It is important to assess whether it is worthwhile to use a hearing aid, so that the child can regain good listening skills, in order to guarantee the child a correct understanding of language and facilitate verbal communication, as well as social interaction.

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