Wax guards for hearing aids

All you need to know about wax filters

Wax guards are components which protect your hearing aid from external agents such as earwax, sebum, dust and dirt. They are particularly important, because they stop the debris from clogging the inside of your hearing aid: various types of wax guards are available. However, over time debris tends to build up, hindering the device’s proper functioning. When this happens guards must be replaced. 

How often should you change hearing aid wax guard?

The answer is subjective. Some people replace their wax guard once a week, others once a year. Each person has a different ear, with different needs and a different production of earwax and sweat, elements which affect the hearing aid efficiency.

To ensure that hearing aids work properly, they must be replaced when necessary, especially when:

  • the sound emitted is quieter than usual;
  • the sound emitted is intermittent;
  • hearing aids do not emit sound.

In these situations, the first thing to do may be to replace the battery. However, if the problem persists, the ideal solution is to consider changing the wax guard.

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Can I replace the wax filter by myself?

Anybody can easily replace their wax guard. In fact, this procedure cannot damage the hearing aid, and it is necessary for the proper care of your device. Of course, doing it correctly is advisable in order to prevent potential problems. Amplifon hearing care professionals are always ready to help you replace your wax guard: all you have to go is just go to your nearest Amplifon centre.

Steps to change a wax guard

Here are the steps to replace your wax guard:

  • Remove the little silicon cap, by pulling it out;
  • Using the provided tool, remove the old guard by inserting the tip of the stick into the receiver;
  • Turn the stick and insert the new guard;
  • Put the silicon cap back on

Can wax filter be cleaned?

Wax guards play a very important role for the hearing aid, therefore, although cleaning the filter may seem a good choice, once the filter is replaced with a new one, it is not recommended to clean and reuse it. In fact, during the use, the filter tends to absorb earwax and other materials to protect the hearing aid. So, once replaced, it is good to throw it away to avoid unpleasant problems to the hearing aid itself.

Type of wax guards

Wax guards vary depending on the kind of ear and hearing aid. In fact, each hearing aid has a specific wax guard with specific diameter, which depends on the brand. In order to avoid problems, it is therefore necessary to use only compatible components, ideal for your hearing aid.

Wax guard: stick

Stick-shaped wax guards prevent earwax and other external agents from building up, they help preserve sound quality, are easy to apply and provide reliable results. In order to apply them, just push the end of the stick with the white guard inside the specific opening and pull the stick out. The guard will be hooked to your device. 

Wax guard: cerustop

Cerustop is a hydrating oil which helps in case of earwax blockage, before the ear irrigation. It is a humectant, lubricating and solvent agent for earwax and can be used daily to prevent earwax blockage. 

Where can I buy wax guards?

Wax guards can be purchased at Amplifon centres, where our hearing care professionals will be happy to reply to all your questions and assist you. Our hearing care professionals will be happy to help you purchase the wax guard that best suits your hearing aid. If necessary, they will also help you replace the guard for you. 

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