Tinnitus in the morning

Why do my ears ring when I wake up?

Whistling, buzzing and ringing in the ear: tinnitus, albeit in its various facets, generally manifests itself constantly. However, many people feel it more markedly on the occasion of the morning awakening. In this case, we speak of tinnitus in the morning. Its causes would be attributable to the fact that the brain, even during sleep, remains active thanks to synapses that come into operation during the rest phase.

Taking some practical precautions can help relieve tinnitus, then contacting an ENT specialist for a check-up visit will allow us to identify the most appropriate therapy together.

Sound enrichment and TRT

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy goal is to desensitize the perception of tinnitus by listening to sounds of various types, preferably related to the world of nature or white noise (noises composed of the sum of several tones). This therapy has also proved effective in treating tinnitus in the morning. In this regard, there are devices that promote relaxation through the emission of sounds chosen by the user and allow you to mask the perception of tinnitus.

A good night's sleep can reduce tinnitus

Sleeping well is essential to wake up in the morning relaxed, in a good mood and with a lower perception of tinnitus. In this regard, taking a relaxing herbal tea based on lemon balm, passion flower, chamomile or valerian can help you sleep. Performing relaxation exercises, taking a hot bath before bedtime or a good glass of warm milk are small practices that can guarantee a peaceful and quiet rest.

Be careful what you eat for dinner

Paying attention to your diet, especially food and drinks taken in the hours immediately preceding sleep, can prove to be of great help in relieving the perception of tinnitus upon awakening. It is preferable to avoid tea, coffee, alcoholic and cola-based drinks in the evening. On the other hand, foods that do not weigh down the evening digestion, such as vegetables, legumes and lean proteins, should be favored.

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