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Amplifon 360: hearing test designed for you

With over 65 years’ experience in more than 8,700 specialist centres worldwide, Amplifon leads the field in hearing aid expertise. And we think that, in order to find the solution that best adapts to you, we need to conduct those hearing tests that are relevant to your needs.

That is why we’ve created Amplifon 360, a new experience in hearing testing, to find out the condition of your hearing health. 

It’s a new, unique, more complete and personalised method which allows us to obtain complete overview of your hearing requirements.

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The lifestyle questions in the test provides results from your own perspective with a 360-degree overview on the condition of your hearing health, your hearing ability and the personal improvements you want to experience in specific situations. From this information, your Hearing Aid Audiologist can;

• Analyse the degree, type and possible cause of your hearing loss.

• Define the situations you want to hear better in and decide which tests are necessary in your case.

All you have to do is book a test at your nearest Amplifon clinic and we will guide you from there to experience all the emotions of sound.

We have clinics all accross the country which are set up to provide you with the best environment to test your hearing. We would encourage you to bring a firend or loved one along.

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Our innovative 360 tests includes

  • Testing the pitches and tones you can hear (pure tone audiometry)
  • Discoving how well you can hear speech when your in noise
  • Acceptable noise levels
  • Measuring your ability to hear someone talking when it is quiet

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