Five features of the new hearing aids

Last update on May, 15, 2023

Hearing aids are very personal devices and, for this very reason, they have features designed specifically based on the needs of the person who wears them. Some features are fundamental and common to all hearing aids, such as increasing the volume of sound waves and channeling them into the ear canal. Technology has allowed the improvement of these features and the creation of new ones, such as the ability to connect your hearing aid to Siri or Alexa via the hearing aid microphone. 

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1. Wireless connectivity

Wireless connected hearing aids allow the wearer to connect to their smartphone, tablet, television and virtual assistants. The sound from the device is transmitted directly to the hearing aid. With the diffusion of new technologies, this is now a fundamental feature that allows people who suffer from hearing loss to be able to live more independently.

Simultaneously with these functions, the concept of "Streaming sound directly from your devices" has also spread, i.e. the possibility of being able to listen to audio content from the network on your hearing aids.

2. Handle the complexities of different music environments

The latest generation hearing aids have important characteristics for those who love music or outdoor walks. In fact, they can be customized to enhance some sounds rather than others, guaranteeing a rich and seamless listening experience.

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3. Tinnitus & Notch Therapy

Hearing aids are also a solution for tinnitus. In fact, they relieve discomfort and help those who suffer from it to live a normal daily life.

Notch Therapy is a treatment option for tinnitus that trains the brain to ignore the sound over time. This therapy helps reduce excessive stimulation and teaches the brain to stop perceiving the ringing caused by tinnitus.

4. Dealing with disposable batteries

The characteristics of hearing aid batteries are a fundamental element to take into consideration during the purchase phase. A standard disposable battery lasts from 3 to 22 days. Thanks to advances in technology, today many hearing aids have rechargeable batteries, which are much more convenient and eco-friendly than disposable ones.

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5. Voice Recognition Technology

Modern hearing aids come equipped with voice recognition technology that is capable of distinguishing and processing the wearer's voice separately from other sounds and voices. By doing so, it provides a natural sound quality and enhances hearing of all other sounds, leading to a more enjoyable and satisfying listening experience. This advanced technology allows for easy adaptation and provides long-term satisfaction for the user.

Other hearing aid features

The latest advancements in technology have brought about the creation of next-generation hearing aids that offer several benefits, such as:

  • Improved sound quality that enhances the listening experience;
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth hearing aid applications that provide additional features;
  • Customizable settings that allow for the prioritization of certain sounds in specific environments, providing consistency in similar conditions.

With these cutting-edge devices, individuals can enjoy a more natural and effortless hearing experience, allowing them to lead a more normal everyday life.

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